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Pillager - 2018-09-14

Never skip physical therapy after surgery. It's offered for a reason.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2018-09-14

Nooooo!! They removed The Emperor from the Golden Throne!!!!

He will no longer be able to psychically power the Astronomican and our ships will surely be lost in the warp!


ps. This site whole makes for strangely entertaining reading.. I read a bunch this-morning at breakfast

simon666 - 2018-09-14


exy - 2018-09-14

What's the German word for simultaneous sympathy & revulsion?

simon666 - 2018-09-14


casualcollapse - 2018-09-15

That's just died chair.. but definitely applicable

fedex - 2018-09-14

"Chair Removed From 700lb Man"

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2018-09-14

You just know after watching this story, Adam Sandler will call up Netflix and yell "FATTY MCGEE FILM! LET'S GO!"

cognitivedissonance - 2018-09-14

I was stalled at “33 years old”. 700 pounds at 33 is more than 3 of what I weighed at 33, and I am a mountain of a man.

The Mothership - 2018-09-15

The sores on his body had become attached to the chair itself.

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-09-15

I wonder if they popped when they finally pried him off. Like those suction cups on the bottom of a shower mat.

casualcollapse - 2018-09-15

God I can't get that phrase out of my head..

blase - 2018-09-15

Oh. Ugh. I thought this was that story about the man who lived with roommates, but no. (That one was even worse - Google 'obese man dies in chair'. Apparently this has happened more than once.)

gmol - 2018-09-16

Sending that man home was an effective death sentence and a way to blame it on his wife. Regardless of who she is, that poor woman could not possibly be equipped to deal with that someone in that condition.

It's horrible to imagine, but the only way to deal with these sorts of situations in some sort of practical way is something that resembles institutionalization. Single individuals are trapped by misguided ideas on virtue/morals etc. cannot possibly do these jobs. What a horrible thing for society to inflict upon them.

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