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Desc:A tribute to the spirit and humanity of people who are physically different from the average.
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:80s, documentary, freaks, wtf, Christopher Plummer
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Anaxagoras - 2018-10-10
I dig the bearded dude at around the 58 minute mark. He has exactly the right attitude; a sort of matter-of-fact "Yes, I've accomplished this much, why would you doubt that I could continue to accomplish things?"

And then the documentary covers some physical deformities that turn my stomach, and I realize that bearded dude is probably a better human than me. He would probably say "So the guy's face is fucked up. So what?" And he would be right. And yet, my stomach is still turned.

I can only hope that if Mr. Fucked-up Face came in for a job interview, that I would judge him strictly based on his ability to do the job. I don't know if I would pass that test though. God damnit.
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