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Desc:An interesting gun to DEFEAT THE TARGET.
Category:Military, Business
Tags:Gun, commercial, weapon, P90
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Comment count is 11
Guns are 5 stars.
I was shooting the civilian version a couple of months ago. It's pretty freakin' sweet. No recoil.
Dr. Lobotomy
Do the first 500 callers get two for the price of one?
karl hungus
I just came.
-1 for being a French space gun but then +1 again for having a cool feed mechanism that actually works
FN Herstal is Belgian actually.

Mike Tyson?!
Hey, it's like a Counter Strike training movie..
USA loves guns the way Japan loves panties.
Counterstrike became a lot less fun after the P90 was introduced into the game.
j lzrd / swift idiot
What can be said, it's a sweet tool for killing your fellow ma-err, target. Sure, it's no H&K G11, but then again, that thing was too far ahead of being too far ahead of it's time. The P90 is juuuu~st right.
Nyms Lives!
I thought the two Stargate series were the official commercials for the P90?

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