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Desc:Real American sets the record straight.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:gun violence, ATF, police violence, Black Lives Matter, blm
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Comment count is 9
Old_Zircon - 2018-10-18
The analogy with the BLM (which isn't Black Lives Matter, so not sure why that tag is here) doesn't actually work if you understand what the BLM actually does, but a lot of the the people he's actually speaking to are probably more familiar with the small-state/Libertarian propaganda depiction of the BLM and in that case the analogy holds up.

Great video, though (and also works in reverse to explain some of the rural West's relationship with law enforcement agencies to people who live in cities and don't really get it.
15th - 2018-10-18
Bureau of Land Management, bruh.
bawbag - 2018-10-18
Rock-solid point about accountability.

"the ballot box or the cartridge box" is a great line.
dubz - 2018-10-18
Man I really hate he had to use Lavoy Finnicum as an example. That dumb fucker managed to not get killed multiple times and got plugged when he drew on multiple agents/officers/badge havers. At least we got to watch his band of merry idiots scream and cry and pray for all the internet until they realized their threats meant jack shit to a bunch of feds with drones.
theSnake - 2018-10-18
Callamon - 2018-10-18
I work for the BLM in Southwest Wyoming. We have literally 4 rangers that cover half the state. There's been exactly one broadly known confrontation between the BLM and a citizen and that's Bundy one of the biggest assholes alive.

The only ones I have ever had a cross word from are middle aged white women (identifying themselves as being from California or New York) calling about about some video of a wild horse they saw on face book.
Old_Zircon - 2018-10-18
He's playing on the rural Western right's stereotype of BLM agents, but it's the weak point of the video for sure.

Ugh - 2018-10-19
it's definitely a flawed attempt but i got the feeling he was mostly trying to stress the level of distrust towards a looming, relatively faceless organization regardless of the reality of the circumstances

and, well, i mean he's trying to reach a group of folks that would be lost even with a full-color pamphlet titled "plight of the modern negro" because they would have to stop and ask "this a field one or a house one" before considering the validity of its claims

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-10-20
So minorities can’t help swing elections? What? Tell that to anyone in the Democrat party running for anything.

And police are not unaccountable. And are white people really afraid of the ATF? The fuck?
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