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poorwill - 2018-10-19

this is so bad it can only be malice, not incompetence

blase - 2018-10-19

Actually, there's an even worse early 60s version - check the related videos sidebar

Killer Joe - 2018-10-19

"Flattop has broken jail!"
"Flattop out?!!?"
Also what the shit is that moth(?) girl that does nothing?

Hugo Gorilla - 2018-10-19

That's Moon Maid. She was the daughter of the ruler of the Moon and helped Tracy out. Dick Tracy was, at one point, out of crimes to solve and crooks to kill on Earth that he found himself on the moon looking for business in the 60's. Basically she was the result of a prohibition era comic trying to stay relevant during days of the Space Race.

Moon Maid's fate was sealed when she was on the wrong side of modern sensibilities. She died when a car rigged for Dick Tracy exploded and then was never mentioned ever again.


Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2018-10-19

Well, if you're going to adapt late Chester Gould, better Moon Maid than Dick Tracy's mustache and rants about being handcuffed by that darned modern legal system.

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