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Desc:Nightmare fuel for British children
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:70s, Hunting, donnie darko, nightmare fuel, The British
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Comment count is 6
Boomer The Dog - 2018-11-02
I've been looking for this as a full movie for a long time, and have just seen clips here and there. I thought the title was Mr. Horatio Knibbles.

I used to have the only torrent I could find in my queue for at least a year, and no seeds ever came on.

It's probably a lousy B-movie, but I like those kind, similar to Boy With Green Hair, Pippi Longstocking, Digby, Peanut Butter Solution, Poco - Little Dog Lost, etc.

blase - 2018-11-02
ah yes, the CBS Children's Film Festival. Some of the films in its lineup had a somewhat disturbing quality

boner - 2018-11-02
I think you're right about the title. BFI made a typo on the upload.

boner - 2018-11-02
IMDB plot keywords:

- girl in very short dress or skirt
- girl in a notably short outfit
- screaming
- cucumber sandwich
Boomer The Dog - 2018-11-02
Ha ha ha, those keywords really are there, in a list with other funny ones!

boner - 2018-11-04
Yup. During our Monday movie nights I’ve found that lots of movies are tagged with very specific fetish keywords on IMDB. Presumably they are added by very organized pervs.

Also amusing is looking for five-star Amazon reviews of bad movies, then clicking on the reviewer’s profile — you get a list of all their reviews which can give an amazing overview of their life.

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