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Desc:Our favorite defrocked preacher roasts the late reverend.
Tags:phelps, fred, falwell, fraudwell, balem
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Comment count is 13
The wrong one died!
The pride and hubris that Phelps displays by referring to himself as "this humble preacher" invalidates any point he could ever hope to make. If there was any shred of truth to his vitriol, every torment he describes for Falwell would surely be his fate as well.
Hahaha, freewillism.
He's smiling more broadly then I've ever seen... for the passing of a fellow charlatan. I can't WAIT for Phelps to kick off.

I HOPE some soul organizes a gay pride march at the gravesite during the proceedings. That would strike me as poetic on some level...
The WBC folk strike me as people who don't genuinely believe the things that come out of their own mouths, that their whole schtick is just that: a schtick, to get under people's skin and piss them off.

And on top of that, they're expending basically ALL their collective energy to champion a lost cause---just about everything they say leads back to the idea that the whole world is doomed and evil & we're all fucked no matter what they or anyone else does.

And their view on the world is just waaay too bent for most people to pick up on; they're obviously not out there picketing funerals to make friends.

So, what keeps them going?
What's their ultimate goal?
As I'm sure you know, the WBC consists only of the Phelps family and a few close friends. The only reason they are world famous and people have this impression that they are some Earth shaking movement is because they have excellent law representation and PR.

The "church" is just some extremist family that would be no different than all the other home-schooled future militia clans out there if it weren't for their press and media attention. People also love to use the Phelps family as an example in religious arguments.

What keeps them going is absolute, unfaltering faith in what they believe in. They aren't just messing with people, that's why it's so wonderfully insane.

Probably my favorite piece by Phelps so far... the fact that he can't help but break into a beaming smile just warms my heart! And that Billy Graham puppet a la "Number of the Beast"? I... I love him. He's amazing. He's a sheer bundle of awesome who just keeps getting better and better.

Dear God, I think I may be getting gay for Fred Phelps.
Dear God, I find myself hoping, for once, that Phelps is at least partially right in this video.
This is a good time for all the Christian apologists to actually look up the Bible verses that Rev. Fred offers, and explain exactly why, if the Bible is true, he's "wrong."
Not only did he mispronounce "irrefragable," but he decided to explain it afterwards like he'd just looked it up moments before and was proud of himself.
Caminante Nocturno
So, does that song at the beginning and end have a name?
Ah ok, I get it now.

Fred is just upset he didn't make it big...the only thing he can do is just hate everyone and everything that exists.

I think his whole family is doing what they are doing just to try to make him feel better about himself.
Why hello there Reverend Frogwell!
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