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Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:computers, hacking, CRT
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Comment count is 4
exy - 2018-12-06
"Apparently it was some guy called Van Eck whose identity is a complete mystery--one impenetrable to all imaginable investigative efforts."

Yeah, a guy whose identity was recounted in the very same novel you said you heard of these things, in the part about this phenomenon.

Nerd, boo.

Still, neat vid.
simon666 - 2018-12-06
Isn't this how BBC tv licensing authorities found out if people were watching TV without having paid their fee?

fedex - 2018-12-06
Whenever I hear about VEP I always flash back to Cryptonomicon. God that was a fantastic book. Gonna read it again tonight.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2018-12-07
Yeah, that book is massively entertaining. One of my favourite novels. The Quicksilver series is great, and then anything else I've read by him (or tried to read) has been basically shit. A good example of someone only having X amount of creativity juice within them or something.

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