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Desc:We're officially living in the future now.
Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:Internet, donkey kong, hbomberguy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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Comment count is 32
SolRo - 2019-01-22
Haha, suck it bigots.
Nominal - 2019-01-22
The most overrated Nintendo platformer.

Their own Sonic, if you will.
boner - 2019-01-22
Thanks for reminding me that Graham Linehan has apparently lost his mind.
yogarfield - 2019-01-23
What did he do?

Sanest Man Alive - 2019-01-23
Linehan's been regurgitating TERF talking points and other deeply transphobic garbage on Twitter for a while now, in typical bigoted old fuck "just asking questions" fashion. In this latest instance, he was talking shit on Mermaids, a non-profit aimed at counseling and supporting trans youths, and Hbomberguy, a popular streamer/youtuber and bisexual, was having none of it and chaos dunked him in the most wholesome way possible.

boner - 2019-01-23
Just the fact he's spending his days arguing with randos on twitter is crazy enough whatever the argument actually is.

Accidie - 2019-01-22
I'm excited for this future.
Zoot42 - 2019-01-22
This is so good.
Braze - 2019-01-22
Okay she's awesome
Sanest Man Alive - 2019-01-23
An amazing stream that effectively combined two of my favorite things: overwhelming support for a charity that helps people who might never have a chance otherwise, and unabashed spite for a very shitty person.

For one reason or another, I didn't watch a lot of sitcoms growing up and even fewer British ones, so I know Graham Linehan from literally nothing other than saying dumb transphobic shit online and getting publicly owned so hard in response he might have a dropbox installed for book returns.

Also, watching the entire chat just explode into "ABOLISH ICE" for a minute straight in the frozen area had me howling.
crasspm - 2019-01-23
well she's got my heart
Chancho - 2019-01-23
If a group of women say that they do not want transexuals in their spaces should we force the women to allow transexuals in those spaces?
SolRo - 2019-01-23
Unless that space is their private property then fuck all about what they want in public places.

And suck a dick.

Chancho - 2019-01-23
Ok, a group of women do not get to decide who uses public spaces. Men get to decide who uses their public spaces.

Can a group of women decide that transexuals cannot use their private spaces? For example: private clubs, gyms, halfway houses, rehab facilities, crisis centres, etc.

SolRo - 2019-01-23
you need to learn to follow instructions.

Chancho - 2019-01-23
You fall apart with a single question.

William Burns - 2019-01-23
Replace "women" with "whites" and "transsexual" with whatever race makes you feel most uncomfortable.

Chancho - 2019-01-23
It doesn't make me uncomfortable. Do you think women should decide who uses their public and private spaces?

William Burns - 2019-01-23
Do you think whites should decide who uses their public and private spaces?

You see where I'm going here.

William Burns - 2019-01-23
You are also strategically ignoring the existence of F2M transpersons, because you *know* nobody will give a shit.

teethsalad - 2019-01-23
trans women ARE women, dipshit

gender is more than just a matter of plumbing. if you can't stop obsessing over the physical dimensions of people's genitals that's on you

glasseye - 2019-01-23
Trans rights are human rights. Trans women are women, and trans men are men.

Grow up, Chancho.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-01-23
Trans people used bathrooms all the time and people didn't even think about it until a shitty politician in NC was failing miserably with his shitty administrative duties. So he decided to go after trans people in bathrooms to get re-elected.

Where do you expect these people to pee and poo? Especially if they can pass? It just seems like the discomfort a woman would experience over a man in a dress, as so many call them, is a small price to pay for people just being able to pee, especially if an M2F trans person goes into a man's bathroom. What's going to happen then? What if he/she gets attacked by a man who doesn't want that "freak" to be in the same bathroom as him?

I honestly don't give a shit because all the fearmongering that has gone on over this is not justified. Trans people are not going to kidnap and rape your kids in the bathroom like some asshole bigot pundits would have you believe and you kind of fell hook, line and sinker for that particular bit of associative manipulation so congrats you're an idiot.

Chancho - 2019-01-23
Summing up:
SolRo - women don't get public spaces, nothing to say about private spaces
William Burns - women don't get private or public spaces
TeethSalad - believes trans women are women, no comment on spaces
glasseye - believes trans rights are human rights, no comment on spaces
Marlon Brawndo - believes trans women should use women's restrooms, no comment on private spaces

So I'm going to take that as "women don't get to decide who uses their public and private spaces"

Do women get to decide who they touch and who is allowed to touch them? Examples: elderly women who are incapable of taking care of themselves and do not want trans people dressing or cleaning them, women who require physical therapy, women who are naked for services like body waxing, etc. Many women require the use of publicly funded health services, should they be allowed to request biological females to help them?

SolRo - 2019-01-23
No one takes your stupid ass seriously that’s why you won’t get serious responses.

William Burns - 2019-01-23
SolRo - White people don't get public spaces, nothing to say about private spaces
William Burns - White peoole don't get private or public spaces
TeethSalad - believes black people are people, no comment on spaces
glasseye - believes black rights are human rights, no comment on spaces
Marlon Brawndo - believes black should use white restrooms, no comment on private spaces

Chancho - Doesn't

Chancho - 2019-01-23
I believe everyone has the right to private spaces for any reason whatsoever.

That guy - 2019-01-24
You're all fucking exhausting. I sentence you to live together for a season of Real World.

Chancho - 2019-01-23
It doesn't make me uncomfortable. Do you think women should decide who uses their public and private spaces?
SolRo - 2019-01-23
I think someone needs to stick a cock in your mouth whenever you open it.

Sanest Man Alive - 2019-01-23
reminder that John Romero popped into the stream just to shout "Trans Rights!" if you're looking for someone to make Chancho his bitch

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2019-01-25
AOC is cool and all but I think we should just elect hbomberguy, he's a bona fide legend.
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