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Desc:This is the room where the computer lives.
Category:General Station
Tags:1999, OH SWISH, house of the future
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Comment count is 10
betamaxed - 2019-02-14
Band Name: Photochromic Windows; Album Name: Year 1999 A D
Hegemony Cricket - 2019-02-14
This is not nearly as wrong as its production values and grossly optimistic inferences coupled with an oddly static patriarchy would indicate.


Karen, make sure you get the fuck out of that house after you poison those shitheels.
All TVs will have smaller TVs next to their TVs, as windowed screens and multi-purpose devices are distant impossibilities.
Karen, you do know you have an ultrasonic vibrator in your chemical vapor closet, yes?
"Hydrocultured exotic fresh food stuffs"
Hegemony Cricket - 2019-02-14
dammit. it cut off my post after the quotes...

They had no idea what to shoot for that. 10/10 choice to use snorkeling to represent hydroculture, because, "hydro", right?
Keyboard hallucinogens
Coded convos for DL hookups, largely unchanged
Chess remains terrible
Someone on this production was banging that singer
We are all choking to death on this era's hubris.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2019-02-14
Child: Will any of the bad people come again?
Mother: Dont worry, if any poor people try and get near the house, the computer will make them go away!
Child: You mean with those loud banging noises?
Mother: Yes, they're called 'automated sentry guns'
cognitivedissonance - 2019-02-14
The two party veto of online purchases is fascinating. Bezos would hate that.
betabox - 2019-02-14
Yeah, gotta love the future, where the wife shops and cooks and the husband pays the bills.

But they do it ELECTRONICALLY!

Rafiki - 2019-02-14
In the year 1999AD, children will learn at home, away from their peers, being bombarded with tedious historical facts of no practical importance. Each member of the family will be segregated into their own honeycomb housing units. Human bonding will be quaint and outmoded, each person living in ruthless isolation and cold, literally calculated efficiency.
exy - 2019-02-14
Mars One Project
atheistgirl - 2019-02-14
Wow! It's amazing how close they got it to the actual 1999 that I remember.
betabox - 2019-02-14
Can this be the start of Wink Martindale Week?
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