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Desc:It would be fantastical nonsense to expect sprinkles on a breakfast cereal.
Tags:Breakfast cereal, Sprinkles Spangles, genies
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Comment count is 9
betamaxed - 2019-02-17
Now I can't get that image of will smith as the genie from Aladdin except he's purple instead of blue out of my head.
Caminante Nocturno - 2019-02-17
It really pisses me off how this commercial is trying to rip off Mulan.
Xenocide - 2019-02-17
As a child I was traumatized by the scene in Mulan where the huns steal all the sprinkles.

Kid Fenris - 2019-02-17
Like the Monkey's Paw, each of the genie's wishes was tainted by tragedy, and the children ate nothing but Sprinkle Spangles until malnutrition and madness seized them.
Xenocide - 2019-02-17
Kid: Wow, it's a genie!

Genie: A sprinkle genie! I can only grant wishes involving sprinkles!

Kid:....oh. Then can I wish for a genie who isn't specialized to the point of uselessness?

Genie: What's that? You want to be suffocated by sprinkles? Sounds good, here goes.
cognitivedissonance - 2019-02-18
Wikipedia informs me that Dom Deluise played the genie, but that can't possibly be true. It sounds nothing like Dom Deluise.
Killer Joe - 2019-02-18
"We uh... already met a 'spangle-genie', who gave us cereal that was 'sprinkled with spangles'. His catch phrase was better, too. Please, just leave."
Ugh - 2019-02-18
this cereal was awful, i hope the genie died in a car wreck
atheistgirl - 2019-02-18
I though for a second that the kid said he wanted a fuck load of cereal and not a truck load.
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