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Desc:While working at Chucky Cheese in highschool, i could beat this with one credit
Category:Video Games, Classic Movies
Tags:Star Wars, arcade
Submitted:blue vein steel
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Comment count is 14
Nominal - 2019-03-02
Star Wars action scenes without 15 qpm (quips per minute) and yo mama prank calls?
SolRo - 2019-03-02
Update the graphics, add 6 hours of repetitive filler with micro transactions and you got yourself the next AAA Star Wars game.
Xenocide - 2019-03-02

garcet71283 - 2019-03-02
Well, this would cost me $40 in quarters to destroy the Death Star...

Xenocide - 2019-03-02

Level One: Find out that slavery is legal on Tatooine but do nothing about it.

Level Two: Seduce your future wife with sexy sand complaints

Level Three: Kill all the Jedi children in 60 seconds for high score!


Level One: Do the same thing as level one of the original game, but the explosions are bigger.

Level Two: Nervously leave the arcade as patrons discover you play as a girl in this level and proceed to take a bat to the machine while insisting that they're "true fans" of the game they're trying to smash.

Level Three: Kylo Ren marries Yoda.
Raggamuffin - 2019-03-02
Not the younglings!

Two Jar Slave - 2019-03-02
Star Wars Sequels Arcade, level 2: It's a bullet hell SHMUP where you play as an elderly Princess Leia floating through space, and all the enemies are poorly-conceived allegories about the military industrial complex, maaan.

Nominal - 2019-03-02
Insert quarters, listen to random track of a Jerky Boys album, cut straight to credits, leave knowing your expectations were subverted.

SolRo - 2019-03-03
Where's the movie explaining how/if tatooine ended slavery? I'm guessing it was still around and luke also didn't give a fuck.

garcet71283 - 2019-03-03
Slavery on Tatooine was cool and good and Watto did nothing wrong.

Nominal - 2019-03-03
I got down to being able to beat it on 2-3 credits. I swear there were a couple auto hit parts where it was impossible to avoid damage.
Born in the RSR - 2019-03-03
tethercat - 2019-03-03
Back in my college days, I bought a Neo-Geo and Samurai Shodown 1. Got damn good with Haoumaru, too.

There was a pizza place by my bus stop, and due to scheduling it was 45 minutes between bus rides. So I would consistently pop one quarter into the upright cabinet and play for 45 minutes from start to finish on difficulty 8.

Anyway. 5-stars for beating an arcade unit on one quarter.
blue vein steel - 2019-03-07
I worked in the kitchen at Chucky's, and we always finished our cleanup earlier than everyone else, but i had to wait around for about 30 minutes every night to give my friend a ride home. This was the newest a coolest game we had, so i'd grab a few tokens and play while waiting. It's pretty short and the patterns are easy to learn.

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