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Desc:Mick Foley does his best to make ECW fans feel bad about themselves.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:wwf, ECW, Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, hes hardcore!!
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Comment count is 4
Fucking brilliant.
There are some others that I may put up here, but they go into shilling for Tommy Dreamer a bit more than these ones.

One of the anecdotes in another promo has him unable to remember enough German to say "please save this in formaldehyde," and watching the nurse throw his ear in the trash while sneering at him "this is all a stupid joke, isn't it?" He then assails the ECW audience for chanting "YOU FUCKED UP" when people blow spots...it's really intense.

This angle was really where the Foley that we know and love -- the guy who made it really clear that he wasn't just Cactus Jack, he was a guy named Mick with kids and a wife, who did this to pay his rent and had (in his mid-30s) residual damage from his "career highlights" -- was born. It really was groundbreaking for wrestling to have someone breaking character as part of his character, especially when the intention was to make the fans feel bad for wanting to see him do the kind of wrestling that he was known for.

What Andy Kaufman was to wrestling, this guy is to comedy.
This man--no matter how often I research his career to find nuggets I didn't know of before--never fails to amaze me.
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