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John Holmes Motherfucker - 2019-03-08

Whenever I saw SNOWFIRE, I'm sure I was a child. it must have been on a black and white TV, because I was surprised to find it in color. So that's maybe 40-50 years. What I remembered from this movie was the catchy/shitty theme song, which I also found on the TCM site. It's been buzzing around in my head randomly for all that time, always in the background. The other day, I stopped to think about this movie, and HOLY SHIT WAS THERE A LITTLE GIRL about to burn her prepubescent breasts with WITH A BRANDING IRON???

So it turns out I didn't dream that... so I guess... THAT'S A GOOD THING?

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2019-03-08

I'm just going to come out with this: The child actress was Molly McGowan, and she died in 1965 from Hodgkin's disease before she could turn 19. When she was dying, she married Herb Hickey, who would later be a crew member on REALITY BITES. She appears in her wedding photo with only one leg, due to amputation. I haven't been able to find any details, but the description of the wedding photo comes up again and again. Couldn't finsd the actual photo,not for lack of trying.

Molly's whole family was in the motion picture business. You've never heard of any of them, but they're all on IMDB. The older girl in the scene is her sister Melody. Her father and uncle produced and directed Snowfire. Her father worked as a screenwriter on 67 films, including "Tuxedo Junction" and "Valley of the Zombies". Her aunt had been an actress in the silents, playing uncredited parts as "Hula Girl" "Dancing Girl" and "Party Girl" in Mack Sennet shorts.

She appears as Molly Mack in "The Bashful Elephant" (1961), as a girl trying to escape communism, or something like that.

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