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Desc:About time...
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:global warming, Climate Change, GOP, Mea Culpa
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Comment count is 9
gravelstudios - 2019-05-16
"It's not conservative to hold on to old technologies that are causing polution..."

yes you asshole, that is conservative. that is the textbook definition of conservative. Fuck this guy and all the damage he and people like him have already caused.
Old_Zircon - 2019-05-16
Holding on to old technologies that are destroying humanity and the planet is definitely conservative.

Embracing new technologies that will eventually do the same is progressive.

Maggot Brain - 2019-05-16
Accidie - 2019-05-16
well good on him
Shanghai Tippytap - 2019-05-16
at no point does this soulless husk question why the official line at the Cato institute was climate denial. he just continues proudly calling himself a republican like it was an 'oopsie'
simon666 - 2019-05-16
To be fair I think this video should be viewed as a piece of rhetoric intended for other GOP folks, rank and file, as well as intellectuals. It's a short video that is introducing an idea; it's not meant to be some tour de force. The idea being introduced is that it is both compatible to be conservative/republican and to believe in climate change.

I see this as a first step in a presumably sustained effort. Perhaps it's my fault for calling this a mea culpa, because it is only barely that. He's not trying to persuade the left or the people who believed climate science before him that he's a saint.

I think a fair point might be that he hasn't done a good job at showing why we might think that it's not conservative to hold onto old, polluting technologies, like gravelstudios was getting at. But that point might be forthcoming in future work.

Ultimately the audience that needs to be persuaded about climate change are conservatives; so anything doing or working towards that goal should be welcomed in my book, within reason, of course.
Shanghai Tippytap - 2019-05-16
maybe a revelation like this should be the trigger for people to think 'what other rabbit holes and intellectual dead ends have i been led down by these goblins', instead of saying 'you can still be a moronic trog regarding every other social, economic, and cultural issue, but admit you freethought utter bullshit regarding climate change for the last 40 years'

but that'll never happen, so yes simon i agree with you

gravelstudios - 2019-05-17
If a campaign like this helps to bring some conservatives/republicans around on the idea of dealing with climate change, then that's ultimately a good thing. I hope that's the case, but:
1) I have very few spaces where I can vent about these people. I'm completely surrounded by them in my personal and professional life, and I'm tired. I can be honest here.
2) the past few years has turned me into a little bit of a cynic. I don't think he believes what he's saying. He's being paid to say it. And he would say whatever the highest bidder told him to. That may or may not be true. I've become wary of what anybody says in an online video about politics.

Anaxagoras - 2019-05-17
This clip reminds me of the movie Lincoln. That movie was entirely about the fight to legislatively end slavery, and the climax of the movie is when Lincoln (and his allies) are able to secure passage of the anti-slavery bill. The moment is played as some great & noble triumph, but all I could think is "You're not SUPPOSED to own other human beings. What the fuck is the matter with you people????"

That's not really fair; if a slavery has slavery then the ending of slavery should be celebrated. But it's such a low bar that should never have been reached that my only reaction is contempt.

Anyways, I sincerely don't want to shit on this clip, or on the guy in it. But on the other hand, fuck these morons.
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