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Desc:An animated horror version of the Three Little Pigs story.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:90s, animation, wtf, tales from the crypt, Pat Ventura
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Comment count is 7
Hegemony Cricket - 2019-05-23
The two animators on this are responsible for most of the 90s.

This thing has a few moments where you feel, "Thank god Pat Ventura finally got be as gross as he always was."

And also: This was the last episode of Tales. This was how they went out - with the only story not based on an EC Comic and Pig nipples. Feels right.
Rangoon - 2019-05-23
It's a shame Pat's gone off the grid. His last blog post was back in 2017, and his last IMDb credit was a decade earlier.

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2019-05-24
Also: a Nelvana credit, just as a reminder that a) Tales from the Cryptkeeper was NEVER as loose and fun with the animation, and b) at this point, Eek! the Cat isn't going to be as widely available as this episode until Disney plops out its Fox Kids backlog on some streaming backwater.

Pillager - 2019-05-24
Bobcat Goldthwait tag, please.
Nominal - 2019-05-24
7:00 is directly ripped from a Monty Python animation
Hegemony Cricket - 2019-05-24
Definitely an homage. 70s CalArts grads plus tossed off Gilliam reference feels distinctly on brand.

Gmork - 2019-05-26
I love Bob, but jesus christ this is awful. Did john K have a hand in this? it smacks of spumco but maybe it's just a knockoff
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