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GravidWithHate - 2019-05-26

Can anyone who bothered to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 2 let me know how accurate this is?

Come to think of it, did anyone bother to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 2?

SolRo - 2019-05-26

I’d need to see a decent actual review to decide if it’s even worth a morbid curiosity watch. Right now I’m of the option it’s too aggressively bland.

Two Jar Slave - 2019-05-26

Season 2 was pretty good; I'll definitely sign up for a third. The visuals are incredible, the "big mystery" plot was far better than Season 1's "big war" plot, and the characters are well-written enough that I'm more often rooting for them than against them. Pike & Spock fit in better than they have any right to. It also has some of that crazy-ass gonzo Star Trek bullshit that really makes me smile, like using the mushroom drive (?) to get the ship "half-stuck" inside the mushroom kingdom (??) to rescue a ghost (???). If that's aggressively bland, please tell me what you're watching.

On the other hand, Michael Burnham is still frustratingly important to the entire cosmos, the characters still monologue about their feelings too often for my taste (or, worse yet, each other's feelings), the Section 31 cast is a groaner, and overall the show has a jumpy, shrill sort of pacing that reminds me of walking into a room and everyone starts talking to you at the same time.

There's a lot to like, but the show needs to learn to slow down, stop rushing through plot points, and give more depth to its themes. But it's getting there. Overall, I'd say the jump in quality is about on par with TNG's Season 1 -> Season 2. Still not quite "there," but pointed in the right direction. It is already not the worst Star Trek show; if it keeps up this level of improvement, it could be among the best.

Of course, TNG's season 2 had gold-plated standouts like 'A Matter of Honor' and 'The Measure of a Man', and none of Discovery's highs have been that high yet.

Caminante Nocturno - 2019-05-26

How does it feel to have lived long enough to see all your favorite franchises go down in flames?

Nikon - 2019-05-27

Not so great, but I still have my Japanese animes.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-05-26

I hated the first few episodes so much I couldn't watch more. It was too depressing.

This was way more entertaining than Discovery so 5 stars.

I am not over the mother becoming the spaceship plotline. Was that an actual fucking plotline? Fuck, the writers of Discovery are so bad.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-05-26

Oh my God, I just listened to a review of Season 1 from someone on Youtube, who covered all the major plot points and...wow. This sounds phenomenally bad. I mean, just to spoiler you, she not only starts a war with the fucking Klingons and doesn't go to jail, she continually gets pulled into ridiculous plots where she is somehow expected to save the Federation right after this. Also, Vulcan logic extremists committing acts of terrorism? What the FUCK? Okay, shitty writers. Good one. Oh and the alternate universe is there for a major plotline and...it's horrible! They totally stole the tardigrade plotline from a video game designer. After I actually compared them, I'm shocked if they haven't been sued yet. And that wasn't even a good plot! This show is fucking painfully bad. Why is alternate Michelle Yeoh allowed to help them destroy Qonos and the alternate future timeline where the Klingons attack Earth even though in DS9 they actually referenced that as being a suicide mission. I mean, continuity problems aside, there are NO likeable characters on this show. The shitty writing bothers me. People actually are getting paid to ruin Star Trek.

And apparently you can't have continuity because of some kind of legal issue with securing the rights to previous Star Trek incarnations so they just made up a bunch of new timeline shit because of that?? So you don't have the ability to just fork over the cash for continuity sake and you'd rather sink the entire franchise. Okay awesome. Fuck this show.

William Burns - 2019-05-27

Star Trek has been exclusively shitty for at least a decade. The less Jeffery Combs a modern Star Trek has, the worse it is.

Two Jar Slave - 2019-05-27

You have a lot of anger at something you haven't seen. Season 1 was pretty bad, but it sounds like your youtube guy offered the least-generous take possible.

The problem with Trekkies is that all they ever want is exactly what they've already got. Worse yet, every Trekkie thinks he KNOWS what Star Trek "really is," even though what it really is is all over the dang map. Star Trek has comedy movies, action horror movies, and space odyssey movies; it has episodes about being tortured for political secrets and episodes about larping as Robin Hood; it has ensemble shows and shows with a clear protagonist; it has episodes that respect previous continuity and episodes that feature a space-god-of-the-week who destroys an entire civilization and is never mentioned again. If there's one unifying throughline for all of Trek, it's that no pitch is too farfetched for Trek.

Discovery is to Star Trek what Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible movies are to the original M:I shows: it's a slick, action-heavy remix that doesn't view the source material as a holy text, and is better for it.

As for this RLM video, I couldn't get through the whole thing, but they're out of their minds if they think technobabble ass-pulls are a new thing in Star Trek.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-05-27

I pretty much hate the main character after just two episodes. I'm pretty sure that's not purposeful. I was disgusted that Starfleet kept her around after she killed the Klingon religious fanatic when it was her fucking idea to capture him and you know END THE WAR. Instead she went postal and she's supposed to be the lead? And the Captain turned out to be evil? What? I just.

The Youtube video was pretty thorough and saved me the time of watching the rest of this piece of shit. The writing is just bad.

Two Jar Slave - 2019-05-27

Can't argue that the first couple episodes were bad, and the same goes for most of the first season. But there was juuuusssst enough good shit in the first season to make me come back, and I'm happy to say it has improved. Hopefully it'll keep on improving, but even if it stays at season 2's quality level, it'll finish ahead of Enterprise, Voyager, and half the movies. That ain't nothing!

William Burns - 2019-05-27

You should give Enterprise another chance. If you can get past the theme song, it's pretty darn solid. It's less sloppily-written than Voyager, Capt. Archer isn't a dumbed-down action hero nor does he have the random batshit morality of Janeway. The rest of the cast is pretty good, too. It's fun seeing the classic-style costume and makeup design in 16:9 as well.

Nikon - 2019-05-29

I have to agree with Burns. I've been making my way through Enterprise and it turned out to be much better than I expected. If only it didn't have that dumb country music theme song!

Two Jar Slave - 2019-05-30

I'm glad people can get into Enterprise and enjoy it. It's hard to say what exactly ruins it for me, except that it sits uncomfortably in that transition period between '90s TV and mid-2000s TV. It's like a weird-ass fish with feet, unadapted to either the cheery neons of TNG or the gunmetal ambivalence of Battlestar Galactica.

I don't find Enterprise aggressively off-putting (except the song, of course). Maybe the most damning thing about it is that I've probably watched 15+ episodes and I barely remember a single plot, and would struggle to name the main characters. It just lacks a strong voice.

Okay, let's find out!

1. Captain Archer, Likable American Spaceman. He's alright! A more approachable, less capable version of Kirk.
2. Doctor Flax, the alien who is played by an actor that definitely pops up in other things, such as the indie film The Man From Earth. His deal is that he is an alien.
3. Engineer Blonde Texan... his name is... Trap? Truck? It's Truck.
4. British Naval Man, karate expert. He's like Worf, a bit too serious for his own good. An alright character.
5. A Very Pretty Vulcan. Her name is... probably... T'pau or T'pol, because those are the only female Vulcan names I can think of. I believe her deal is she hates humans, but has to tag along with them for some political reason. Is she an exile?
6. A translator? Is there a translator? I think that's her role, anyway. No clue of her name. It's Sally.
7. I'm doing better than I thought I would. Maybe I got them all. I don't remember anyone else. Does this ship have a first officer?
8. Oh, there's Jeffrey Combs as an Andorian. Always nice to see him.

1. Okay, there was one where they find some kind of replicator space station that repairs their ship. BUT! The replicator is bad, somehow. Is it eating people? Or cloning them? I don't remember. But it was cool that these Star Trek people hadn't seen a replicator before. Maybe they had some fun ordering drinks or whatever?

2. Romulans show up... I think they shoot a torpedo into the Enterprise that has a Myst-style puzzlebox on its chassis, and some characters solve the puzzle to disarm the torpedo after the Romulans fly away. The spacewalk is not convincing.

3. Uh... OH! Is there some arc about... shit. There's some kind of parliament of Bad Aliens, one of whom is a lizard, one of whom is a sea creature... maybe a dolphin man... and they're in a sort of Cold War with the humans? They're called The Parliament of Xenobads. They are in a region of space that needs to be mapped, and Captain Archer is the man for the job.

4. I think the Enterprise goes to the mirror universe, hotwires the (original) Defiant, and fights a terrible-looknig CGI Gorn.

5. The pilot episode had James Cromwell, which was nice.

6. The finale had Riker? It took place inside the holodeck, and Riker was watching Star Trek Enterprise, pretending to be the ship's cook. It ends with the founding of the Federation.

That's all I've got.

Maggot Brain - 2019-05-26

"Star Trek goes to prison" is a good idea and I'm still waiting for it.

BHWW - 2019-05-27

Finally, Mike has forced Jay to participate in a Star Trek sketch - out of revenge for something, I'm sure.

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