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Desc:Not Talking Heads!
Category:Science & Technology, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Talking Heads, talking head, Deep fake
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Comment count is 10
The Mothership - 2019-06-12
casualcollapse - 2019-06-12
What about Satan?

casualcollapse - 2019-06-13
Sorry that joke needs explaining...

gravelstudios - 2019-06-12
Psshhhh... I can see the pixels.

Seriously though, this is terrifying.
Gmork - 2019-06-12
Subtle but detectable
Old_Zircon - 2019-06-12
Some of it is not so subtle.

The voice synthesis around 3:00 is TERRIBLE.

Nominal - 2019-06-12
I had just rewatched Used Cars last week. The villain has someone edit the car lot owners voice for a commercial so they can be nailed for false advertising. The audio edit is comically obvious to the point of being a Simpsons gag, but it got me thinking if the idea of audio splicing was so alien to the general population in 1980 that nobody would think twice that it was a fake. Sort of like if you tried to use Rogue One's CGI Grand Moff Tarkin as incriminating video evidence against Peter Cushing in 1977 and everyone believed it.
casualcollapse - 2019-06-13
Post it!

Shanghai Tippytap - 2019-06-12
its not like anyone with knowledge, talent, and interest in this science would agree to use it for the detriment of humanity, right?

fedex - 2019-06-15
My 12 year old kid just watched this with me.

I expressed my concern.

He asked me why people make this if the only applications are to fuck the world up?

I said they do it because the challenge is there, and because they can, and because "someone" is probably paying them a lot of grant money to do so.

He said, "Oh, like AI? Skynet right? Sowing the seeds of our own destruction and all that?"
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