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Desc:Family Guy. Star Wars. Enough to make a jaded snob die on his way to clicking the one star rating
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, Family Guy
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Comment count is 18
whoa. it's as bad as you think.
The first two minutes were enough for me
Listening to the audience laugh at it is the worst. They really do find it hilarious. I found that I smiled a couple times, but these people are going ape shit for it.
Meatsack Jones
Screw you and your one-star snobbiness. I chuckled.
my main problem with this is that it isn't funny
I really did find this funny in sopts, but the audience started to really get on my nerves.
i've coughed up funnier things than this
Three stars for the fucked up implied incest that would result in a mother and son being brother and sister. One star for the retards who find such a situation comical.
+1 for "how about your show me around your home planet?" -1 for the couch bit that went on way too long, +1 for "what if they come in a different door?"
I can hardly hear the unfunny jokes with all the jackoffs screeching in the audience.
Yeah, clearly being a JADED HIPSTER is the only reason to be bored by this shit.
Spit Spingola
Er, it's OK. Had a couple of moments. -1 star for the audience. Why does family guy hate that daughter character so much?
I always got the feeling it was because the voice actress who played here wasn't always available.

Actually, the original actress was replaced after a few episodes. They're just mean to her because they're hacks who keep coming back to the same jokes, and they can't figure out anything to do with Meg except have the family emotionally abuse her.

That was funny, fuck all you jaded snobs. lol. flame on.
Funny in spots but not as funny as the audience seems to think.
I'm willing to bet at least half the jokes were lifted directly from MAD magazine's star wars spoof.
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