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Desc:Trump administration lawyer grilled by three incredulous judges
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:donald trump, immigration, justice, sarah fabian, safe and sanitary
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Comment count is 26
love - 2019-06-22
not to worry, they'll be building showers soon
Crab Mentality - 2019-06-22
Let's all keep pretending this is fine.
Two Jar Slave - 2019-06-22
Who's pretending this is fine? America is running concentration camps for a minority population of refugees the current government is scapegoating for all its problems. The same government is promising mass arrests and expulsions of undesirables. Everyone up here in Canada sees this for exactly how bad it is.

Meerkat - 2019-06-22
I already have my basement set up so I can take in refugees from the American Genocides to come.

I will enslave them with threats and force them to clean my shower stall because of all the housework that's the one chore I fucking hate the most.

cognitivedissonance - 2019-06-22
I have been drilling my brain trying to figure out how I personally could affect of this. Nothing I could do would stop it, and direct action gets me killed and achieves nothing. Every time the people rose up, they learned how to prevent it. We’reall in a cooshy prison.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2019-06-22
@Cog any system can be broken with enough violence.
Even being able to bring all their military might to bear, in countries the US public dont give a shit about, the US has not been able to 'win' a single guerilla war, as far as I'm aware.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2019-06-22
Also every human system seems to collapse under its own weight after a while, even the Roman Empire. I reckon global civilisation will collapse catastrophically, certainly within this century.
Every industry and human endeavour is built on this pyramid of technology with food production at the bottom. Right now the real amount of arable land and fresh water on Earth is way above what we need. But it is also plummeting*, and when it falls below what we need it will very quickly be drastically below what we need as its rate of decline is so steep.
That cuts out the base of the pyramid and civilisation is fucked.

*Due to a load of shitty farming practices, flogging the land, pollution, climate change.

Meerkat - 2019-06-22
It's because as a society advances, it starts to believe that all people are equal and that everyone's opinion/beliefs should be counted.

This increases the impact stupid people have on the society, which then degenerates to the lowest stupid denominator.

The trick is to strictly limit the impact stupid people have on governing a society.

And while this may sound elitist, THAT'S THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT

Coax_Current - 2019-06-23
@cognitivedissonance Depends what you mean by direct action. If you're a white American, direct action almost never gets you killed. If you want to know where to start, I would recommend starting with the recently released book How We Win by George Lakey. Easy to order, and cheap, and is a gateway to heavier stuff.

There's a quote from Gene Sharp, "If you want to remove a dictatorship, you can read 900 pages. If you can’t even read 900 pages then you’re not serious!" You don't have to aim that high, but you do have to be serious enough about wanting a better society to read George Lakey's 224 pages.

Keep in mind that most people don't know shit about civics and engaging in the messy practice of organizing with people, planning, and doing things outside their circle of usual organizations, like work. That's great for elites. It's a learning curve, and it takes practice, just like any skill.

Two Jar Slave - 2019-06-23
At every tier of government, find out which politicians in your region unequivocally denounce the concentration camps on your southern border. Knock on doors for them.

Binro the Heretic - 2019-06-22
For those of you wondering how regular average people could go to work at the Nazi death camps, this is how it happened.

Even the Nazis weren't killing people at first. They just took them all away. They put them in camps and put regular people in charge.

As time passed, the people who couldn't handle the cruelty left and people who enjoyed being cruel stayed. Soon, they had it whittled down to the most cruel or at least the ones most numb to cruelty.

And then the killing began.

And by that time, the people who weren't working in the camps were so ravaged by the war, they couldn't have cared less about what was going on in the camps.

Stars for evil.
blue vein steel - 2019-06-22
Ugh. I feel for the lawyer. Her job is to defend her client (the Trump administration) to the best of her abilities, but their position is completely indefensible.

5 for evil
Shanghai Tippytap - 2019-06-22
maybe her job sucks and is morally indefensible and she should quit while fucking her employer over as much as possible

it’s a job

Maggot Brain - 2019-06-22
"They got tuh pay me, muhthuh fuckuh"-Flavor Flav

SolRo - 2019-06-23
Not sure there are many left in the Trump DoJ upper levels that aren’t hardcore loyalists, suck ups to the former or just don’t give a shit about the law as long as they get their paycheck.

Xenocide - 2019-06-23
You guys, it's just so HARD to defend acts of objective evil for a paycheck. To hell with those kids, this lawyer is the real victim here.

Bobonne - 2019-06-24
This is the same person who delayed reuniting hundreds of children with their parents because she claimed she had to dogsit over the weekend.

Fuck her. The only thing you should be feeling for her is loathing.

https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-pol-trump-doj-ext ension-migrant-families-20180706-story.html

SolRo - 2019-06-23
Richest country in earth.

Military spending equivalent to the GDP dozens of lesser countries.

Can’t feed your poor and can’t bathe your prisoners
jangbones - 2019-06-23
I think they can, just won't

Meerkat - 2019-06-23
I used to work in the US and a lot of the people I knew on the west coast were Republican Christians.

They would take trips to South America to build houses for people as part of "the mission" but if their neighbour down the street needed the least bit of help with anything then fuck 'em.

betamaxed - 2019-06-23
5 for evil.

Also waiting for our resident CHUDS to come out and defend this sick garbage or have they finally decided to retreat back into the woodwork on this issue?
Spike Jonez - 2019-06-23
Cowards are only brave in groups. They know they'd be outnumbered on this video.

The Mothership - 2019-06-23
5 stars for the incredulous judges.
Chicken the Did - 2019-06-23
Two weeks ago I visited the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Il.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

Part of the museum was for describing how it all worked. This evil bullshit gradually 'snowballing' until it was too late. A system designed to do this on purpose. To sloooowly ramp up until people were being crammed into rail cars. And people slowly being conditioned to be war criminals.

This is it. This is all of that right now. My only hope is that when this passes the men and women involved in aiding and abetting this face the brunt of international courts. I know that sounds delusional I wanna turn on the TV and see these people at the Hague sweating bullets trying to explain away their actions.

It is my opinion that currently the whole apparatus is violating international law on countless levels. Obviously. Therefore I do not recognize the lawless as the law.
SolRo - 2019-06-23
I’m surprised it didn’t already happen with Muslims. Guess it was just cheaper, easier and more profitable to kill them en mass overseas.

Hazelnut - 2019-06-24
It did happen, to a limited extent. Guantanamo. Waterboarding. "Rendition." Very likely to a much greater extent than has been reported; what is known for a fact is plenty of evidence was destroyed.

Still, the Bush Era feels like warm milk compared to the vodka of today's populism. Lot of desensitization between then and now.

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