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discodracula - 2019-07-17

This could have been a hit if they'd waited about 5 years for the 80s nostalgia to kick in. And had better writers.
Remember those I Love the 70s/80s shows VH1 ran around the same time? They did one for the 1990s, but it was too soon to tell what people were nostalgic about, or what left a real impact (because it was 2003), like the 1994 episode didn't even mention Kurt Cobain's death. Also because it was 2003, everyone talking about kids' stuff had been an adult at the time, so you had Dee Snyder talking about how much he hated Power Rangers.

TeenerTot - 2019-07-17

Also, ditch the inexplicable laugh track.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-07-17

They could have had a hit if every joke hadn't been to mock everything about 80s music, technology, culture, etc. That 70s Show was a hit because it embraced nostalgia for that era and loved its characters.

This was worse than I expected. Ugh.

Rosebeekee - 2019-07-17

I can't remember where I heard it because it was over a decade ago, but someone said That 70's Show worked because it was a well written show that just happened to take place in the 70's, where as THIS SHOW IS SET IN THE 80'S DID WE MENTION IT WAS THE 80'S LOOK AT ALL THIS 80'S SHIT HAPPENING IN THE 80'S!

I was a young teenager with very poor taste when this premiered, but what I remember not liking about this show was how in the marketing leading up to it they made it look like Corey and Tuesday were going to be constantly antagonizing each other, but jk they're a couple by the second episode.

William Burns - 2019-07-18

That 70's show was boring trash on the level of Big Bang Theory or 3rd Tock From The Sun, but if you THOUGHT it worked, that's probably due to the presence of Kirkwood Smith.

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