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Desc:This level of utter indifference to human suffering takes years of practice.
Category:Horror, News & Politics
Tags:sociopath, religious persecution, Huge Asshole, Dotard, Nadia Murad
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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Comment count is 5
Binro the Heretic - 2019-07-20
The highlight is Nadia Murad explaining how her family was brutally murdered followed by Trump immediately asking her where her family is now.
Bostrom - 2019-07-20
Starts at 15:50. A transcription:

- Trump's Brain: Another brown woman is making noises at me. Look presidential, nod, she'll shut up soon enough.

- Nadia Murad: "blah blah blah... my mom, my six brothers..."

- Trump's Brain: Ah, family stuff. Talking about family stuff always wins me points.

- Trump: "Where are they now?"

- Nadia Murad, for the third time: "They killed them. They're in mass graves."

- Trump's Brain: Oops, I might have lost some points there. Better assert how smart I am.

- Trump: "I know the area very well you're talking about."

- Trump's Brain: Couldn't name the area, but I'm sure it's a shithole. Let's shut her up.

- Trump: "It's tough. Yeah. Okay. We're going to look into it."

- Trump's Brain: Wait, this brown woman is a Nobel Laureate?

- Trump: "And you had the Nobel Prize? They gave it to you for what reason?"

- Nadia Murad: "blah blah blah... escaped .... "

- Trump: "So you escaped?"

- Nadia, for the fourth time: "I escaped, but I don't have my freedom... blah blah blah... my sister-in-law, three years ago she called us ... and now we don't know... "

- Trump's Brain: So she got her prize for escaping, and she can't find her her sister-in-law. Got it.

- Trump: "Let me look. We're going to look. Okay?"

- Trump's Brain: Nailed it. Next?

TeenerTot - 2019-07-20
Congratulations on not dying in a shithole prison.
Now where are my ass-kissers?

The exchange with the Nobel recipient was absolutely painful.
jangbones - 2019-07-20
In an era where shame has been murdered, I was so embarrassed by this clip I covered my eyes.
Anaxagoras - 2019-07-20
I couldn't make it more than a minute. When he started fidgeting like a little boy due to boredom, I had to shut it off.
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