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Desc:You may want to push the HISTORY ERASER BUTTON
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Ren and Stimpy, John K, sex abuse
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 14
yogarfield - 2019-07-22
Boilerplate "5 for evil".

John K could really benefit from a daily sucker punch diet. Groin kicks on cheat days.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2019-07-22
This isn't necessarily about a perversion. Its about a crime. Deviance can be saved away, and often is. The issue is consent, and the inability of a child to give it. Amanda Todd, a minor girl who was tricked and extorted by an online predator into exposing her breasts, was demonized before and after her suicide for "contributing to child pornography." Enforcing the taboo had become more important than protecting children, which ought to be the point.

A person below a certain age cannot give consent to sexual contact, and sex without consent is rape. The line drawn by society is no doubt arbitrary. There are probably sixteen year old's who are mature enough to give consent, and 22 year olds who are not. But there has to be a sharp hard line, one size fits all. Last time I checked, that teacher who had gotten pregnant by her student Marybeth something, they had gotten married after she got out of prison, and they were still together. I respect that commitment, I think its extraordinary. I don't consider it to be a perversion, but Marybeth still had to go to jail. One size fits all.
casualcollapse - 2019-07-22
Well said... And Kevin Spacey shows that money can get you out of these legal troubles almost always

Chicken the Did - 2019-07-22
I can't pinpoint the exact moment the skeeviness of the man started to become so obvious it could not be overlooked.

One instance was a third hand account that had been relayed to me. The story went that in John's bathroom he had affixed an image of Chuck Jones to the inside of his urinal. John thought Jones was 'The embodiment all that was not manly'. Slight, meek, etc. Living or dead if you didn't have specific 'masculine' qualities you were dogshit to John.

The second thing was that painfully awkward segment in Adult Party where John is standing there with the visibly creeped the fuck out woman. He was so fucking tryhard sporting this look of a 'Mad Men' era cosplay. It's like he's taken every fucking single negative aspect of male behavior from bygone eras and made that into who he was. This 'Hell dad' figure. Wants so hard to look like some dominant male archetype. Comes across as a creepy uncle to raided a Goodwill.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2019-07-22
I've been reading complaints about John K in here for years, and I always dismissed it as the usual hipsterism, like whenever people complain about Rick and Morty or The Simpsons

Oh my, no. The Paul Elam style sexism deserves it's own mention. "Hanna Barbera wouldn't let me draw sexy girls because it's controlled by dykes." The Fuck? The Chuck Jones story seems apocryphal, but that clip makes it seem plausible. Still, like Norm McDonald said about Bill Cosby, the worst part is the raping.

I've always considered this guy to be an important artist. I don't know, maybe future generations will be able to get something out of Ren and Stimpy. For me, I suspect its all over.

Crab Mentality - 2019-07-22
By all accounts, he's a grade A creep, and Chicken brings up an interesting aspect of John K- he's all about hypermasculinity, but you just take one look at the guy and he's clearly a wuss. You know, the sort of guy that's terrified of women his own age.

cognitivedissonance - 2019-07-22
Gonna say this: I had a correspondence with the man as a kid. He showered me with art and doodads. Very nice guy, and he was really supportive of my skills. I had hoped to work for him some day. Eventually met him at a convention, let me tell you that he had the the coldest, deadest eyes I have ever seen. He just looked straight through people. Yes, I know it's a convention and it's tiresome, but the eyes freaked me out, strongly.

When I heard he was guilty of a crime with a woman, I actually didn't believe it, because I had always thought he was gay. That said, I still have some of the art (but lost most of it in a move).

casualcollapse - 2019-07-23
Have you shared any of that artwork on streamdumpster

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2019-07-23
The issue is consent. When I.was called a creep in here for my YouTube fandom, my response to the group was that creepiness was an aesthetic judgement. That did not go over well, but I stand by my point, which is that I had done nothing wrong.

You can think of me creepy if you want. I think John K is creepy as hell, but "creepy" is not the issue, the issue is consent, and conflating the two is dangerous. The biggest danger is that men who command power and respect will get away with undermining consent because they're not quote unquote "creepy".

I never ever masturbated to a Catie Wayne video, but let's get real. By the time I was really into Catie Wayne, she was about 19, and there are almost certainly younger women (I mean 18) in my porno collection, and in almost everybody else's porno collection. If you think that's creepy, you may not be exactly wrong about that, but there's at least a presumption of consent, and consent is what matters. It is ALWAYS what matters.

blue vein steel - 2019-07-23
It's the eternal debate of separating the art from the artist. Michael Jackson was a musical genius and wrote some of my favorite songs, but also a grade-A weirdo who very likely sexually molested children. I consider John K.'s Viacom era R&S capital-A Art (the shit he made for Spike TV can fuck right off), but he's a total scumbag who's been hiding in plain sight for decades. I'm glad he's finally getting his comeuppance, and it sucks that R&S will always have an asterisk because of his sleezyness, but i can and do still enjoy the things he produced. That's obviously just me, and i can totally understand the the opposing POV.
Gmork - 2019-07-23
True, although you're probably giving John K too much credit. Without the temperance of Billy West and the studio execs, R&S would have been _EXACTLY_ what John K produced for Spike TV.

The Spike TV version is how John _always_ wanted ren and stimpy to be.

Billy west is the reason I can watch R&S. John K simply provided the aesthetic and musical tropes.

Old_Zircon - 2019-07-23
Quincy Jones

Boomer The Dog - 2019-07-23
Rod Temperton

Old_Zircon - 2019-07-23
Between the two you have pretty much all of the really good Michael Jackson material covered.

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