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Desc:Terrifying furry wrestling game. Yet again, from Japan.
Category:Video Games, Horror
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Comment count is 22
WTF is wrong with Japan?
After seeing this, I think we nuked one too few cities...
The shitty font and the video compression make it look like it says "Leady" at the beginning of each round. Also, I'm a racist.

Someone seriously needs to realize there is a market in the US for these kind of batshit insane games.
What the fucking fuck?
It's Space Channel 5! No, it's Teletubbies! No, wait, it's huge-boobed infantilist fart fetish cream pie splat porn! +4 for the creepy, -1 for the annoying.
This probably looks just as insane to the Japanese as it does to everyone else.

God I hope so

Really, along with "Cute" and "Why the Terrorists Hate Us", "Japan" could be a video category all its own.

I showed it to a Japanese person. She was as confused as I was.

I've played this game. It's not exactly furry -- if I recall correctly, the premise is that the hostess is the fantasy persona of a little girl who anthropomorphizes four of her toys, turning them into one-piece-bathing-suit-wearing "Cuties" when she wants to pretend she's hosting a gameshow.

Rampant sexism + cabin fever + xenophobia + self-loathing + samurai culture + hyperconsumerism + nuclear holocaust memory = JAPAAAAANNNNN!!
The pie contest makes this one. The white beads of "cream" dripping from their disgusted face is... well... probably the most transparent proxy ever.
Calamity Jon
Usually, Whack-A-Mole is a little more challenging than that, but rarely so disturbing.

Also, that theme song is pretty much what I want played at my funeral.
I'd totally play this.

And this, coming from someone who hates most cute/creepy Japanese pop cultural stuff.


According to Wikipedia, this game was made by Square-Enix, the same guys who gave us the Final Fantasy games. Take from that what you will.

Also: What the fucking fuck?
Sudan no1
Technically it's by Enix, which also made Bust-a-Groove/Move. It makes a little more sense that way.

I had this in my hands once and almost bought it, now I'm sorta disappointed i didn't.
Emitted at -5:28: a low, involuntary groan of uncomprehending horror. If I was on mushrooms I would be hiding in the toilet right now.
Caminante Nocturno
It was... It was so unreleneting. It wouldn't slow down once for the whole six minutes.

I think this is a parody of Japanese TV shows meant for toddlers. Sort of like if someone in America combined Lazytown or Sesame Street with Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball Whatever.
What on earth was the deal with that spinning fight?
Pie Boy
Watching this video gave me a cavity.
Goethe and ernie
Jaguar Wong
In this I have seen the face of God, and it is cruel and cold.
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