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Desc:Bethesda releases the first in-engine footage.
Category:Video Games
Tags:fallout, ron perlman, fallout 3, the inkspots, bethesda
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Comment count is 22
Looks like I'm gonna have to buy a new system, huh?
Holy shit!

The greatest hyped barely-trailer since GTA 4!
uh yes, teaser mate?

The Inkspots? Check.
Ron Perlman? Check.
Pipboy? Check.
This is pretty much my most anticipated game sequel EVER. I hope they do it right...
Caminante Nocturno
Every time I come close to giving up on PC games and all of the bullshit that comes with them, a game like this comes along and makes me reconsider.
I was thinking the same thing while watching this. PC gaming always pulls me back in for the one or two games a year worth playing.

Gorgeous! Not a hell of a lot to do with gameplay or anything, but it sure looks schweet.
Damn glad I got that DX10 card.
you know, first of all, i'm glad to see that there ain't so many haters here. being a fallout fan, i gotta say, i hate most fallout fans. second of all, Bethesda seems to have gotten the feel right. is it just me, or does ron pearlman sound a little giddy there. probably just me.
I think YOU sound a little giddy, but I can't blame you...
Aubrey McFate
This teaser doesn't show enough of the product for my tastes! It's as if the company is teasing me!
War. That's what it's good for.
Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease if there is a god in heaven do not let them fuck this up.

Also: I do think Ron Perlman sounded a little giddy. But then again, I got that little electric jump at the end of "War Never Changes".

I really really hope that this does not suck.
two guys blasting each other at point blank range over a over without dying will never be same, cover is for pussies. i hope they fix that.
Oooooh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhhhh. Ooooooh. OooOOOooooh. OooOOOOooOOOh. Oooh.

And furthermore: yes. Dear, sweet, sexy God, yes.
That's Rick Astley in that suit ya know.
Well, now I have to re-plan my schedule around having a massive boner all day.
I'd complain about the action-movie dramatic music at the end if everything else weren't so awesome. Even though, uh, nothing really happens. I CANNOT WAIT.
I loved Wasteland & Fallout as much as everyone else, but I can't imagine dreading Fallout 3 like some fanatics...

Sept. '08 can't come soon enough!!!

The radio is a Radiation King.

...I pay too much attention to tiny details. ...But, Simpsons reference!
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