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Desc:It's awesome when people are hilariously condescending about things they don't actually understand.
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Evolution, creationism, youtube, dirtlip, this guy seriously believes in THE DEVIL.
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Comment count is 27
Hooper_X - 2007-06-08
This guy and Alitheia: Separated at birth?
Billy the Poet - 2007-06-08
Could I have a summary from someone with the fantastic fortitude to look at that rat-stache for 10 minutes?
dead_cat - 2007-06-09
"DARR DURRR, Hitler, Charlize Darwin, Satan. HERE ARE MY PHOTOMANIPULATIONS I DUN STOLESD BUT THEY ARE REALZ AND PROVE YOU STUPIDER THAN ME. GAWD, I'm so smart; ifonly I could fellate myself properly."

Lindner - 2007-06-08
I have here a rebuttal from his brother. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJriGCwzSF0
baleen - 2007-06-08

He disabled comments and ratings so that only non-critical comments exist and his rating is stuck at 5 stars. That makes me really want to kick his teeth in.
kingarthur - 2007-06-08
Assburgers in motion. Also, I really want to hit him. Hard. Also also, "Charlie Darwin didn't invent evolution, Satan did. In the garden of eden." yeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrgggghhh!
fluffy - 2007-06-08
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-06-08
At least Kirk is just dumb and not nearly as condescending. That said, I remember when I believed in Satan. And leprechauns. (leprechauns are also a case against evolution)
Miskimo - 2007-06-08
Kent Hovind controls his eyebrows from a remote location
Exegesis_Saves - 2007-06-08
"Stupid, short, with no God involved."

Yup, that's you in a nutshell, kid.

Also: Enjoy? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!
Exegesis_Saves - 2007-06-08
On an unrelated note, his many other videos nearly made me swallow my tongue.

Stopheles - 2007-06-08
So mankind learned the concept of evolution by eating from the Tree of Knowledge?

That sort of implies that it's truth...
Kieran27 - 2007-06-08
I remember this fellow. He and I had a long e-mail conversation about his "giant" pictures. Just advance the video to about three minutes before the end and you'll see them.

I pointed out to him, very politely, that he was mistaken. Over half the pics he shows are photoshopped fakes (which I provided evidence of) and others are examples of Inca skulls who practiced elongating the skulls by tying ropes around the head of infants and such (again, I provided evidence) He thanked me for bringing this to his attention and asked me to submit a reply to his video with the correct information so he wouldn't have to edit the video himself.

I made three comments, all of which were blocked. No matter what I wrote, it never seemed polite enough to be approved. When I pointed out that presenting false evidence is in fact lying (something he should be against, good Christian and all) he cut off e-mails with me. Clearly, we're dealing with a deluded and insecure young man with a very condescending attitude.

I think half of youtube wants to smack his head. Hard.
Xenocide - 2007-06-08
"Do you believe that you came from goo, to the zoo, then to you? It's simply not true." For a second I thought we were in for some sort of horrible 9-minute Dr. Suess imitation. I was so glad when he began spouting nonsense that didn't rhyme.

Also: I'm glad he clarified who Satan is in the title. For some reason I thought Satan was a forgotten comedian from the silent film era.

themilkshark - 2008-03-22
I wish he would have kept with the rhymes. Rhyming is appealing to my Satanic mind.

DrVital - 2007-06-08
It's the Mrs. Garrison school of education in action:
"You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt-sex with a fish-squirrel. Congratulations."
eatenmyeyes - 2007-06-08
I sent this guy a few responses. I think he might have real problems.

Sent: 5:43 - Please tell me how God answers you. Since you seem to have disabled comments for your videos, please feel free to message me instead.

Reply: Sure. When I first received Christ as Lord, an energy shot into my body as if I had taken a fork and plugged it into an electrical socket. I read later that The Holy Spirit is given to all believers. When I pray, I feel this same energy, and when I ask questions, such as 'should I do this?' or 'is this true', the energy gives me the confirmation. Often, I will ask 'is the answer yes?', and there will be no energy, and then I will ask 'is the answer no?' and then it will come, or vice versa. Then of course there are answered prayers, such as praying for people in my life and for certain events to take place, which has come true quite often.
voodoo_pork - 2007-06-08
He and Daniel Johnston need to cut an album together. A big, fat schizophrenic and a squirrely, rat-stache emo kid rockin' it out for the Big J.

You could call it "Goo, Zoo, and You". I'd buy it.
citrusmirakel - 2007-06-08
I had to finally stop it at the logical red dwarf that was "if you believe in evolution, you believe you exist from chance. Therefore, you believe that your brain is simply chemicals. Therefore, you shouldn't trust your own beliefs because they are simply chemical reactions. Meanwhile Creationists believe they were created by the divine, and therefore their beliefs are inspired, and therefore they are true."

I never know how to rate something that fills me with hate.
StanleyPain - 2007-06-08
That is undoubtedly the most punchable face I've seen in at least a few weeks.
biclops - 2007-06-08
He keeps using this word: "proof." I don't think he knows what it means.
Adramelech - 2007-06-08
Words this man does not understand:

Evolution, proof, symbolic, fossil, faith, random, pentagram.
yoyo1 - 2007-06-08
"Mr Data, I'm affraid life is a bit more complex than that..."
johnnyhamhock - 2007-07-17
Cory Matthews? Cute dog walks by in BG at -8:11. Also makes me want to shave my lip. Badly. Last minute: oh, so he's just insane.
jmags - 2007-12-04
IrishWhiskey - 2007-12-29
One of the most smug and irritating people ever on the internet. Needless to say that's a very competitive category
Quad9Damage - 2008-01-21
"And if you believe you came from a monkey (smug look).. doesn't that give you permission to act like one?"

No one is closer to throwing his own poo than you are, buddy.
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