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Desc:Quintessential hair rock posers W.A.S.P. squint and sneer in a majestic craptableau vivant.
Category:Music Videos, Horror
Tags:W.A.S.P., wasp, wild child, skull guitars, 80s crap
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Comment count is 10

I think I love this because it satisfies every cliche of the genre:

1. Lead singer rides solo on motorcycle 2. Explosions 3. Band jumps from great height in slow motion all at once while playing guitars 4. Hot babe who's unreachable status contributes to desire expressed by lead singer 5. Hellfire imagery & skulls serving as visual crescendo of the song itself.

Are there any others?
Also, he has buzzsaw blades sticking out of his arms.
hipster goth chicks love this stuff
+5 stars for skulls with hinges.
Even if this video wasn't the most hideously spectacular thing I've seen in weeks, baleen's description of "majestic craptableau vivant" would automatically qualify it for 5 star status.
Blackie Lawless was originally intended to play the T-1000, but Arnold Scwartzeneggar wanted to be the tallest person in the movie.

Imagine what could have been.

(also, the sawblades on his arms aren't anywhere near as ridiculous/awesome as his sawblade CODPIECE)
Nick C.
The blonde guitarist in the red leather corset thing is Chris Holmes, infamous for slamming several bottles of vodka on camera in Decline Of Western Civilization II while his mother sat poolside, before emptying the remainder of the last bottle over his head and falling off his inflatable pool chair into the water. A truly model citizen.
Nick C.
Here's the video: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=10470

It's been mentioned before but...well...holy crap buzzsaw sleeves! VZZZZZZZROOOOWAAaahhhhhhhhhh.....
Bravely rated and reviewed, ryanowens.
"Quintessential hair rock posers W.A.S.P. squint and sneer in a majestic craptableau vivant" needs to be a tag

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