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TeenerTot - 2020-05-08

I love Seth.

SolRo - 2020-05-08

His coverage of this clusterfuck has consistently been as acerbic as the situation requires.

Meerkat - 2020-05-08

Five times as many cases as the next highest country. But only THREE times as many deaths!

U S A!

U S A!

SolRo - 2020-05-08

But the stock market is going up! That's the only thing that matters in the end!

Hazelnut - 2020-05-08

Weird thing is if Trump gets the red states to open prematurely just as their caseload is exploding, the ‘second wave’ will be so bad it’ll force governors to close down again whatever he says—and Americans will have the spectacle of all this unnecessary death and poverty while watching Europe and East Asia reopen.

If Trump had a single brain cell of patience or rational (not malicious) self-interest he’d be pushing for the tightest possible lock down all summer—then as we ease out of it in the autumn he’d look like a hero.

SolRo - 2020-05-08

You seriously believe there's any scenario where red state retards see trump as the terrible person he is?

At this point I think they'd blame the victim if a video of trump raping a child came out.

Hazelnut - 2020-05-09

You and I are a little different. I don't automatically write off the disadvantaged as "retards" and I don't think that's an appropriate word of opprobrium either.

Some formerly red states have come a long way. Virginia is ever more Democrat. Texas is going to flip to blue at some point, sheer demographics, though the old boys club will gerrymander and suppress votes to put it off as long as they can.

SolRo - 2020-05-09

So you think there's realistic hope for the guys wearing clan hoods to go shopping and lionizing the racists that murdered a black man for jogging?

I'm not saying a one in a million miraculous change of heart never happens, but I don't play the lottery for a reason.

Hazelnut - 2020-05-10

Classic SplRo: when you know you’re in the wrong, answer “So you think” and make up crazy shit you know full well I don’t think.

Here’d what I do think: you should stop using “retard” as an insult. I doubt you’d be so alt-right edgy around the family of someone with developmental disabilities.

Old_Zircon - 2020-05-08

Both Pence and Trump have close aides who are infected now, so maybe we'll finally get a bit of well earned schadenfreude.

betabox - 2020-05-08

Yeah, what a damn shame that would be.

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