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fedex - 2020-06-02

What the actual fuck?!

exy - 2020-06-02


this is double plus ungood

exy - 2020-06-02


(no idea what mail's doing in that url)

Nominal - 2020-06-02

Looks like paintballs (green paint splatter 24 seconds in).

Still disgusting with no excuse. Fuck that fat "light 'em up" fuck.

Old_Zircon - 2020-06-02

Could be paintballs, could be rubber bullets, could be pepper balls. There's visible muzzle flash, which makes me think at least one person was using rubber bullets.

Old_Zircon - 2020-06-02

What they're doing is intimidating anyone with a camera, if anything REALLY serious happens they don't want it to be seen.

Anyway, last check only one or two people confuirmed to have been fatally shot by the police so far but four cops have been shot.

I actually had trouble finding the exact number of people the police have shot so far because my search results are taken up by reports about three weeks ago when the police shot two men and ran over a pregnant woman with a cruiser in three separate incidents Indianapolis back on May 7, which I hadn't even heard about because there have been so many separate protests over police violence and misconduct over the last month or so.

Old_Zircon - 2020-06-02

They actually did effectively unannounced training exercises for this scenario in my neighborhood in 2017, except they did it at midnight with flashbangs and two Apache helicopters. Two doors down from where I lived. It was nuts.

The official word was they canvassed the neighborhood, put notices on everyone's doors and local businesses, and had an online announcement, but between my own observation and nearly everyone else in the area I talked to or read accounts from online, they absolutely didn't leave notices on any doors, they may have left one flyer in the window of a hotdog shop a few blocks away, the "canvassing" was two guys going around mid-morning the day of the excercise when everyone was at work, and telling a few people they saw on foot "something's happening tonight, if you hear noise stay in your home" and not giving any details. They yelled that across the street to one person I talked to and I never found anyone else who even saw them. As far as electronic announcements, it was done by a private "emergency announcement" service I've never heard of that you have to sign up for, that sends out SMS texts and Facebook announcements to members. One guy on my block was a veteran who follows all of the standard military announcement sources available to him and he had no idea it was going to happen and assumed there was some kind of active military action taking place.

By comparison, the previous major urban military exercise done in a real city was in Boston a few years earlier and they did it in a commercial area, canvassed for two weeks in advance, and had the entire area cleared and fenced off for a few blocks around the actual training zone.

Point is, there are people who just can't WAIT to try this stuff out for real at the first excuse, and a lot of them are in leadership positions.

Point is,

TeenerTot - 2020-06-02

This can't be for real. Right?........Right?

Spike Jonez - 2020-06-02

And they wonder why we protest.

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