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exy - 2020-06-05

Was it Salem or Portland whose cops' embarrassing communications with Proud Boys came to light a year or two back?

Guess it doesn't matter, could be any American city.

Old_Zircon - 2020-06-05

I think Portland is where they were caught high fiving on camera.

gmol - 2020-06-05

Portland is pretty special this way:
https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/07/racist-hi story-portland/492035/

exy - 2020-06-05

That's a helluvan article.

Old_Zircon - 2020-06-05

My parents are both from Oregon and to hear their stories about growing up there I'd say that article is softpedaling it.

Coax_Current - 2020-06-06

On August 4, 2018, as the Police Bureau prepared for a planned demonstration and counter-demonstration in Waterfront Park, officers witnessed several people parking their cars and gathering on the top floor of a parking garage, located approximately three blocks away from the where the event was to be held at the Salmon Springs Fountain.

Officers contacted a group of approximately 20-30 people on the west side of the parking structure. Some of the individuals were putting on padded clothing, helmets and were gathering weapons. Police personnel reminded the group what they could not bring any weapons to the park. Police watched them place items that could be used as weapons, such as make-shift sticks and signs with sticks, into their vehicles and some of them kept these items and said they would not enter the park. The group eventually departed the garage on foot.

Meanwhile, four individuals were located on the northeast side of the top floor of the garage. The sergeant involved contacted them and they confirmed they had three rifles and had concealed weapon permits. The men told the sergeant they were going to stay at the garage and act as a quick extraction team in case any of their group was injured during the demonstration. The men were compliant and allowed the sergeant to inspect the weapons. All three firearms were in cases (one was disassembled) and none were loaded. In consultation with the City Attorney's Office, the sergeant told the men to store the weapons in a locked storage container in the back of the pickup and place the ammo away from the weapons in a different part of the truck.

https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=189425< br />
https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2018/10/armed_protesters_w ere_on_portl.html

Yep, they were ready for overwatch with their rifles in case an "extraction" was necessary. The Mayor only found out about this because there was some reference to it in text related to an ordinance. Portland police have been covering for far-right elements in many ways, shapes, and forms. As a fun mental exercise, imagine any non-white citizens up there with weapons caches and the police response.

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