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Rosebeekee - 2020-07-18

Oh, wow. I was not prepared for how awful that would be. I was going to say "the most horrible thing is how unoriginal the show's title is", but then I pressed play and heard that song, and then I got to the end and saw the sponsorships.

Xenocide - 2020-07-18



duck&cover - 2020-07-18

That is some cringe-worthy bad!

duck&cover - 2020-07-18

Duracell, durance in cells.

Old_Zircon - 2020-07-18

Lacy pillows.

Jack Dalton - 2020-07-18

Can we focus on the quality of this sitcom intro?... I’m sure the sitcom was awful, but on its own, the over the top song and introduction of the show’s cast is actually kind of amazing. I feel like there should be award recognizing great opening credits that introduced unwatchable/terrible television sitcoms... it’s at least one aspect of terrible sitcom history we can salvage from the 80s.

Gunny McRifleson - 2020-07-19

This almost looks like an SNL skit (especially with Denny Dillon around). Also, Blake Clark? CCH Pounder?!?

Marlon Brawndo - 2020-07-19

Wendy Jo Sperber was the actress that played Marty McFly's mom!

mashedtater - 2020-07-20

They were hoping if they couldn't sell it for prime time, they could make it work as a direct to video porn. Change the actresses, keep the names.

casualcollapse - 2020-07-22

CCH Pounder was unexpected

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