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Maggot Brain - 2020-08-25

So~ this man is Q? Seems about right.

jangbones - 2020-08-25

Looks like he is, at least since the blackout.

https://medium.com/@registrarproject17/jim-watkins-is-q-the-ru ssians-are-helping-him-and-other-adventures-b457848e210b

and search for "Jim Watkins" on Twitter.

exy - 2020-08-25

This is the first I've heard of this doxxing, but obviously this guy is drinking the kool-aid, at a minimum. According to my mind-reading/remote psychoanalysis superpowers, this clown doesn't have the wherewithal to have originated the first Q threads. But he definitely seems like he'd be vulnerable to Daddy Vlad's influence.

yogarfield - 2020-08-25

I mean, that is Jim Watkins. 8chan has been a tendril of the Russian apparatus since before Gamergate. It's been speculated that he was the main author of Q after the Christchurch blackout, started a lore and let the bottomfeeders continue to sculpt it. Nothing has to make sense, it just needs to be disruptive.

The Russians looked to America and saw amber waves of smooth, smooth brain.

Fox-Pixar Media - 2020-08-26


Gmork - 2020-08-25

Ha. This was the guy they suspected months ago on Qanon anonymous

OxygenThief - 2020-08-25

Jake is going to lose his mind

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2020-08-25

I think he was also named -- though not with the conviction that this guy displays -- in the Atlantic's take on this mess, which is called "The Prophecies of Q" and is an extremely recommendable read.

Two Jar Slave - 2020-08-26

Miss Henson, I got about 2/3 of the way through that article before falling asleep and having nightmares all night. Now I'm tired and ranty with my kids. So, thanks for that.

Fox-Pixar Media - 2020-08-26

Do you wanna get a positive vote on Boom and Topper : Safari Hunters

Meerkat - 2020-08-25

OK but they still need to arrest Hillary for eating Christian babies in the basement of a Stop-N-Go while performing Satanic Rituals with Hussein Obama and the Ayatollah!

ashtar. - 2020-08-25

This will have no effect on QAnon people. They are immune to all facts. They'll just double down.

jangbones - 2020-08-26

an absolute given

Born in the RSR - 2020-08-25

He's also the owner of 8chan.

Whoda thunk it?

decoy - 2020-08-25

Those tobacco stained veneers between his cracked lips horrify and mesmerize me.

Adham Nu'man - 2020-08-25

Didn't expect QAnon to be so sassy.

Fox-Pixar Media - 2020-08-26


Let’s +Vote up this thing

Gmork - 2020-08-26

Where's crackersmack's shit take on why Qanon isn't a threat to america as a whole?

Two Jar Slave - 2020-08-26

This isn't as bad as when Obama

And Biden won't change the

I'm a victim always have been

So I refuse to

Yes I refuse to

And so should you

ashtar. - 2020-08-26

The DNC had Mike Bloomberg speak and people are going to vote for them expecting Democrats to combat economic inequality. Thinking pedophile illuminati run the world is slightly less delusional.

How was that?

Crackersmack - 2020-08-26

Wait I thought all you guys loved Qanon? Isn't that what Russiagate is? It's confusing trying to keep all you conspiracy cranks categorized when your beliefs are so similar.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-08-26

It's easy to be confused when you're a moron.

Crackersmack - 2020-08-26

How's life treating you John? Try to apply for any jobs lately? Chin up buddy.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-08-26

>>>Wait I thought all you guys loved Qanon? Isn't that what Russiagate is? It's confusing trying to keep all you conspiracy cranks categorized when your beliefs are so similar.

The dumbest thing about Crackersmack is that he doesn't know what "Russiagate" is. Everytime he brings this up, it's a clue that he must be way stupider than he seems.

The interference of Russia in the 2016 election, (a felony), and the extent to which the the Trump campaign accepted their help, and the extent to which Trump actively sought to obstruct any investigation (a felony) , and the way Trump's justice department under Barr has sought to use its power to retaliate against and to discredit legitimate critics, has been investigated by intelligence agencies, by law enforcement, by congress, and to a large extent, has been happening right in front of us in real time. The most recent affirmation has been a damning report by the Sentate Intelligence commitee that was released just recently, significant because the Senate Intelligence Comitee is run by Republicans.

If you don't know this, you don't know much. If you can confuse this with a conspiracy theory cooked up on 8chan, you can confuse anything.

ZERO credibility.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-08-26

>>>Try to apply for any jobs lately?


I don't have to work... which is awesome, by the way, thank you for asking.

Crackersmack - 2020-08-26

OK so where does the Comet Pizza thing fit into all this?

Gmork - 2020-08-26

Crackersmack, for you to even jokingly pretend qanon is anything but the polar opposite of poetv's averaged beliefs makes me question your sanity and sense of humor.

Zero credibility.

Crackersmack - 2020-08-26

Did you miss the conspiracy theory ramblings like four posts above this?

SolRo - 2020-08-26

'Facts are conspiracies if it helps my gesticulating!'


casualcollapse - 2020-08-26

What's the Poe equivalent of parler? Shoo

ashtar. - 2020-08-27

Remember the Pee Tape? Good times.

Gmork - 2020-08-26

I highly recommend the episode of qanon anonymous where they interview the former 8chan runner/founder. A Philippino man in a wheelchair, who was probably more guilty than he admits to but has some choice testimony about the hilariously pathetic Jim Watkins. He's exactly the kind of odious you'd expect.

I think it's episode 63. Title is something like "the resurrection of 8chan feat. Interview with Brennan whatshisname

casualcollapse - 2020-08-26

Please submit it!

ashtar. - 2020-08-27

Another podcast with similar content:

https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-2923632 3/episode/the-man-trying-to-resurrect-8chan-52653860/

Is a long interview with Fredrick Brennan, the founder. Jim Watkins is a real weird asshole.

Gmork - 2020-08-27

Ah that's what was confusing me. I also listened to that episode, and conflated that with episode 63 of the qanon anonymous podcast.

Both are good episodes.

casualcollapse - 2020-08-28


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