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Hazelnut - 2020-10-23

Hey, remember back when the Trump trolls were posting over and over that Biden is senile, Biden has dementia, Biden will be destroyed in the debates with gaffe after gaffe.

Turns out he’s a pretty sharp debater! A little dull, certainly no Kamala, but put the old fat grifter in his place.

TeenerTot - 2020-10-23


Binro the Heretic - 2020-10-23

Do you think Trump's kids genuinely believed with all their hearts that their dad getting elected would lead to them becoming a political dynasty like the Kennedys?

Nominal - 2020-10-23

Who says they won't? It's a cult of personality at this point. I easily see Jr. or Kushner being a frontrunner in the future.

SolRo - 2020-10-23

trumps kids are dumb and entitled enough that you cannot rule out any delusion.

but they wont be in any elected office after daddy is gone, too much work for them. and if they don't end up in jail they'll probably just do the neocon TV/book circuit whining about how democrats are destroying America, etc, etc.

casualcollapse - 2020-10-23

One of the Trump kids is surely going to overdose

Hazelnut - 2020-10-23

I think Ivanka anx Jared definitely thought they’d be toasted as the new power couple of D.C., especially with all the unappointed powers Daddy was showering on them. What they missed is that Beltway insiders, however vile, are really fucking smart and sniff out the dumb suckers in seconds.

Binro the Heretic - 2020-10-23

I'm still mad at Jared over what he did to that nice young couple in "Vivarium."

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