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Desc:He is very excited
Category:Humor, Pets & Animals
Tags:dogs, pets, pug
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Resubmit:Fur is Murder

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Comment count is 15
Shrieking pugs make every day a little bit brighter.
It doesn't only look cute, it also makes an adorable noise!
I wanted it to die until it rammed the TV console.
Pod pug.
Caminante Nocturno
I don't think it's possible for human beings to get that excited over anything.
I wish it were.

So that's how they get their faces to be so flat!
Translated from dog, he's saying "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!"
William Burns
Geeenhhhhh! Geeeeeehnhhh! Gneehh! Gneeeeenhhhhh!!
This is the noise I make to repel predators in the wild.
Grace Mugabe
The pug: mankind's first genetic engineering disaster.
We had a pug when I was a kid. He:

-slept on my brother's face and shed hairs in his eyes
-ate crayons and lego heads and then left poops with rainbow chunks and little faces in them all over
-had a passionate ongoing affair with every stuffed animal roughly his size, as well as our geriatric labrador retriever's hind leg
-wheezed asthmatically if he had to do anything more than sit in a lap and be petted, and snored like a little chainsaw
-was prone to rectal prolapses for no apparent reason
-would go rigid and begin screaming just like this (but at a slightly lower pitch) if somebody restrained him and started petting another dog.

He was a horrifying walking disaster of centuries of inbreeding. He was also an unneutered champion show dog who was fostered with us by his breeder.

Pugs have serious everything problems. I will never own one because I am not going to stick my ass up an animal just so that it can live. Pets should have asses that take care of themselves.


Wow. That was one of the better typos in my life. I meant I'm not going to stick my finger up the ass of an animal just so that it can live.

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