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Desc:He is really not a fan of this prison
Category:Music Videos
Tags:Johnny Cash, country, Prison, guitars
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 14
Frank Rizzo
HOLY FUCK!!!! thank you for this.

+million virtual stars.
Frank Rizzo
Jimmy Labatt
Joaquin Phoenix did a better job than any of us could've hoped for, but the original still crushes it

Frank Rizzo
no argument from me, but thats the best clip in the whole video as far as im concerned.

the original: all white inmates. the film: cornucopia of races

Frank Rizzo
I see like 4 black people OOOO A CORNOCOPIALOLGOGGLES!!!

Black people weren't even allowed to be arrested until 1978; until then they were largely left to themselves and given rather free reign of vast portions of the Americas. It wasn't until Bush was elected that racism began.

Thank you.
Simon, weren't you the guy that thought that Captain Sensible video was racist because the song was similar to Rapper's Delight?
asian hick
What an incredible showman.
That guard was a real good sport.
j lzrd / swift idiot
The Man In Black.

Also, Jail Water sucks. It's nasty.
Its become cool to sneer at people who like Johnny Cash since hes every hipsters token country artist basically, but god, he is awesome.
The Caffeine Kid
My hat's off to you, Johnny.
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