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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-12-16

Sumo match fixing was basically proven using statistical analysis afaik.

teethsalad - 2020-12-16

oh yeah, it's been an open secret in japan that sumo has fixed matches for decades. kinda like boxing in the USA

any competition sport where you only have to get to one person to throw the event, you're gonna find organized crime/match fixing. it's not as bad as it was, as the 2011 scandal broke and forced the japan sumo association to make some reforms, but it's never entirely going away

Aernaroth2 - 2020-12-16

Its also that both sumos can have a better life collectively if they both throw matches at key times so their co-sumos can get better ratings, have access to more money and a better lifestyle, etc. And the way the rating system works means that a sumo can throw a match or two without affecting their own standing/income, but while helping someone else raise theirs.

Here's an article on it:

https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2011/02/09/national/sumo-rig ging-born-of-necessity/

SolRo - 2020-12-16

That’s impressive. Seeing humans cooperate for mutual benefit shouldn’t be impressive but it’s 2020.

caek - 2020-12-17

Now hold your horses there pardners let's not discount a thousand year old tradition because a few matches get fixed! I assure you if you watch the top division its such an entertaining and visceral fight sport that if someone throws a match you would know

teethsalad - 2020-12-17

also not related to match fixing but a american who joined sumo in the late 60's popped up on the internet recently and his stories are kinda interesting

https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2020/12/16/sumo/american-r ikishi-sumo/


casualcollapse - 2020-12-17


Multi-hour long matches saved and frequently goes live.
And you get English translations during the live streams but not during the replays.

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