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Desc:Kitty speaks moth language, but the moth doesn't answer
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, Moth, kekeke
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Comment count is 26
Pretty much what I see when I close my eyes.
these graphics are incredible
Caminante Nocturno
H.P. Lovecraft loved cats. It's not difficult to see why at times.
Because cat people are crazy?

At 44 seconds, the cat says, "Cthulhu fhtagn!"

My cat Lenny does this too. We're pretty sure he is autistic or something.
or a cat

so THAT's kekeke
My cat does this but doesn't make the sound. Also, my cat is blind. Should I be worried?
Ghost moths.

My cats cackle at birds. It makes us laugh each time.

Except at five in the morning.
Pretty sure this is an unconscious thing cats do when they're really, REALLY excited. My youngest cat does this at birds, only she makes more of a quick "myip" sound. She also seems to think she's being TOTALLY SNEAKY AND OMG HOW DID THE BIRDS KNOW I WAS HERE THEY WAS READIN MAH THOUGHTS.
Our cats do this when we make the laser pointer run up the wall and onto the ceiling. It really pisses them off.
Wait, a minute....that's morse code!


What the hell's an overlorg?
Yep, both mine do this too, along with a weird BLURRRRGLE gargling noise.
The clackety thing cats do is a killing noise---they're getting their teeth and jaws ready to deliver a lethal bite. Big cats do it too.

Tuan Jim
The moth's name is a killing word.

Moths were my nemesis growing up. Mothcat is freaking me out.
I have a crackpot theory that the chattering is in fact some kind of sound oriented system used in hunting.

The cat makes several sharp noises. The sound waves of these noises bounce back off the target and return, with the information translated to the cat's sensory organs. (Whiskers!) Thus a cat can use this to gauge the speed and distance of a flying target like a bird or moth!
Cats don't use echolocation. You are thinking of dolphins.

5 stars for "kekeke" tag. I nearly snarfed Shiraz.
Minus 5000 for "snarfed Shiraz"

Cat: WANT.

It would be really scary to be smaller than a cat and the subject of that round green stare. Sort of an "I am going to become food now" feeling.
I'm pretty sure this cat is The Predator.
It's the cat Hunting Noise! It's more stealthy than just straight out meowing with anticipation. My cats haven't mastered this and still meow all the time while hunting, yet they still somehow catch birds and moths.
Correct me if i'm wrong but, as far as i know cats do these when they try to mimic the sound their preys make. Be birds or any other thing that makes any kind of noise. Now, are birds really that dumb to think a killing machine of fur and claws is one of their mates? I have no idea.
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