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Category:News & Politics
Tags:america, Republican, election, cspan, ron paul
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It's a terrifying moment in history when a war's become so bad that people are willing to elect a guy like HIM to end it.
Cap'n Profan!ty
He's just like Pat Buchanan, only not so well known yet.
I'm sorry, but fuck this guy and his legion of easily-provoked-into-violent-threats "supporters." The guy has made a career of supporting typical conservative causes, not to mention his quasi-racist politics and connections to the militia movement.
His whole "I'm basically a libertarian republican" bullshit stance can be easily shattered by simply reading up on his voting record and overall career history.
I have YET to see a constructive observation/debate on this guy where the majority of his supporters didn't immediately devolve into intimidation, name-calling, threats, and general abusiveness. And of course, using the reverse-Bush technique of lumping you in with "the enemy" if you don't agree with his bold statements on getting out of Iraq.
Plus "get rid of the IRS" is just a bunch of national sales tax, fuck the poor, bullshit. Which actually does sound fairly de rigeur for libertarian republicans.
Fuck Ron Paul and the crazy internet assholes who support him
Ron Paul is obsessed with gold, killing mexicans and any possible combinations of the two.

You've got to wonder if Ron Paul considers all the gold leaf particles in all the shit of all the Americans who drank Goldschlager the night before part of the country's Gold reserves. Might gold be extracted from mexican corpses? Is there gold in the core of the moon? Why have America not yet claimed it?
The God of Biscuits
If you want a good laugh, head over to ronpaulforums.com and count how many delusional people you can find
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