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Pillager - 2021-02-21

Not worried, crypto will go the way of the tulip.

Mister Yuck - 2021-02-21

But in the meantime it’ll fill the world with garbage and CO2.

Cena_mark - 2021-02-21

What concerns me is the corporations getting invested with cryptocurrency. It means a crypto crash will create a stock market crash.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2021-02-21

Fuck.. I still have a GTX970 from 2015. I almost upgraded to RTX 2070 in 2018, but decided to "wait until they're cheaper"

This sucks.. I wanna play VR!

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2021-02-21

I guess I might be going back to ATI

Gmork - 2021-02-22

I had to get a 2060 as a stopgap.

Vr is wrth it. Buy blade and sorcery and mod it using the Vortex program from Nexusmods. Also buy boneworks and alyx.

I've tried for months to snag a 3070/3080 on a discord server dedicated to updating stock drops. Sucks.

SolRo - 2021-02-22

I mean theoretically the 3000 generation is cheaper and a better value than the 2080 generation, if you can get it retail obviously.

TeenerTot - 2021-02-22

Is he suggesting that companies are expected to care about customers over shareholders?
Also, I stopped watching when he started his own shill at :50.
So I am completely ignorant of his views anyway.

SolRo - 2021-02-22

Thanks for reminding I still need to flip the extra rtx 3080 I bought.

Gmork - 2021-02-22

on brand

SolRo - 2021-02-23

think I’ll go rub it against my nips

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