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Gmork - 2021-03-09

Japan is an issue, if we're being honest.

SolRo - 2021-03-10

Way to condemn a whole country because a couple greedy perverts green lit this

Hazelnut - 2021-03-10

Should I be surprised that the piece of shit who bitches about "political correctness" and "virtue signalling" if anyone dares question his antisemitic slime gets all pissy over a minor joke?

There are minor, teasing stereotypes: humorless Germans, repressed Britons, weird Japanese porn. Arguably they do some harm (I think of how "French surrender monkeys" was leveraged for Iraqi war propaganda), but that's NOTHING compared to QAnon-tier bullshit.

SolRo - 2021-03-10

Sorry don’t read posts from hardline zionists who hate brown people and support pedophiles.

Hazelnut - 2021-03-11

Honestly do you think behaving as a bigoted piece of shit makes you cool? Do you think that you’re fooling anybody? I’m deeply sorry for your family.

casualcollapse - 2021-03-11

Well in fighting in the comments ignored but this was a great video thank you for posting it

Hazelnut - 2021-03-11

I honestly think ignoring is a mistake. Beyond a certain point we shouldn’t avert our eyes and make excuses like some Republican senator.

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