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casualcollapse - 2021-03-07

I watched this after I watched psycho gorman, both are awesome

Robin Kestrel - 2021-03-07

I own The Void.

Nominal - 2021-03-07

This movie is WAY closer to Prince of Darkness than Hellraiser.

rural - 2021-03-08

I confess that I did not know Prince of Darkness, and now I'm sad because the Void is actually just huge chunks of that film.

Nominal - 2021-03-08

With better effects, and I'd argue better characters and dialog.

Void's weakness is the 3rd act. After they venture into the basement, it gets SO drawn out.

casualcollapse - 2021-03-09

I have a nose for bad movies and this ain't it

The Mothership - 2021-03-10

Nae bad.

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