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Gmork - 2021-03-04

This guy fucking nails it. Criticism where it's due and also credit. The very little credit Phil deserves for only partially being a piece of status quo shit.

Love ya boomer. It's no compromise if it's the thing you want the most.

Boomer The Dog - 2021-03-06

Thanks! I see Dr. Phil as trying to be the common sense type of guy. I don't really see him as trying to teach his status quo or pushing it, just affirming it to his audience.

He's like my dad, just get a job, get started, and work yourself up the ladder, same as Phil's 'Pull yourself up by the bootstraps' idea. People like my dad could go to bed at night, comforted that, thank god, there's someone out there who gets it and feels the same way I do. (Dad didn't watch Dr. Phil, heard, read others with those values)

That little sympathy would ease dad's mind, when he had to deal with his offspring wearing collar and tags, drawing dogs and running a dog radio station in the basement.

That's how I characterize Dr. Phil's viewers, entertained, but also having a fantasy of the way things could be in a perfect world.

Cena_mark - 2021-03-09

So much right wing angst is generated by the idea that people aren't working who should. You can tell that they hate their jobs as they rant and rave about all the undocumented immigrants who they swear are on welfare. I remind them that this country was built upon lazy do nothings like Washington and Jefferson who leached off the labor of others.

exy - 2021-03-04

Dr Phil: still a piece of shit. Boomer the Dog: still a charming fellow.

I wonder if Boomer cares to share any reminiscing about what remembering going on Dr Phil feels like these days?

Boomer The Dog - 2021-03-06

He is doing a freak show, I never watch his show, but I've seen enough to get what it's about. After I was on, some friends said it would have been better if I went on Ellen.

I was glad to go on, I was having fun filming and just being involved in something, and it was good that being a dog was being seen as something worthy of a larger audience, and show that there are other ways you can live.

It was a lot of fun to go out to LA and film, had a limo from the airport to the nice hotel and studio, which was at the Paramount complex, which could have been the same building that Here's Boomer was filmed in. I asked people about it, but of course they didn't know a thing after all these years.

It was hours in my own green room with Boomer sign on the door holder, and wifi, and I was able to pass the time writing. Everyone was very nice, but Phil didn't drop by to visit, which I thought was odd at the time, but found out that's normal, he doesn't see the guests before the show. He was doing show prep himself, that's what I was told, something to that effect.

One thing producers did before I got there was send lots of questions, and personality tests, I don't know why it was so much, I thought maybe for a book he might be writing, or to test if subjects are going to be on this and willing to work hard.

There was only one big problem, is for some reason after I was there, they didn't want me to wear my collar or ears out on stage, which I thought was something they would absolutely know about because of my answers to all of their previous questions.

They knew I'd have to wear my stuff, but something must have changed at the studio, but it was a standoff, and I was freaking out, thinking I'd come all this way and not get to go on. I rarely lose it, but that was one of the times.

They eventually relented, put I never found out what the issue was, if it was Phil who made that decision, or producers. We did the taping, it was good, and I got to walk back to the cars with the other furry, the wolf on the show, and chat about our media and some basics, so I could find her on line at home.

After that, I got another survey about how I thought things went, I could have barked a lot of things, but thought, this is past, is it going to matter? I answered politely, there were some issues, but I had a great time, which is absolutely true, I got to do something unique and create a memory for myself and others. I even got a Dr. Phil mug!


exy - 2021-03-07

Thanks for the story, Boomer! I was genuinely interested to hear your take, and it was definitely an interesting read. I was surprised to hear about the exit survey they had you take. You are unflappable to a degree I can only aspire to imitate, dude. So glad you found us on this hell-hole!

Boomer The Dog - 2021-03-10

Thanks. I never had written openly about my experiences on Dr. Phil, just a diary to some friends.

There were surveys about everything, every few days in the weeks leading up to the show, specific questions relating to being a dog and my costume, and a battery of personality test type questions that are probably sent to every subject.


Meerkat - 2021-03-04

Dr. Phil is a narrow-minded, Smug Fuck.

All the bullshit is noise, we all end up dead in the end.

Follow your bliss, Boomer. You ain't missing anything.

Boomer The Dog - 2021-03-06

I have to wonder what Dr. Phil is really like, I'd like to go to coffee with him to get an idea if that's the way he is or just show persona. These guys are performers, even Limbaugh was said to be the most mellow guy when away from the microphone.

I'm always being a dog, it's just what I do. With the virus it's harder to see my doggie friends in the neighborhood, like Buddy Collie, but I get to see the two Doodle dogs next door. I went to visit Buddy in my costume this past Halloween. He didn't even react when I looked different.

I've drawn more dogs and made more CGI anthro dogs during the shutdowns.

caek - 2021-03-05

5 stars for making the bg so upsetting

Boomer The Dog - 2021-03-06

This is cool, thanks Joel! I got three fan notes through my website yesterday, and wondered what was up, and the last one mentioned Joel's show, so I looked it up, then thought to come here on the off chance that the video might be in the Hopper, and surprisingly it's on the main page.

I'm about 2/3s through now, and glad that Joel found my episode to be useful as part of the video, thinking about all of the Phil shows that must have aired over the years.

Boomer The Dog

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