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SolRo - 2021-03-14

Antimask is a perfect little representation of American entitlement and aversion to even mild temporary discomfort for guaranteed longterm benefits.

Binro the Heretic - 2021-03-15

So many of the things we use every day have components produced with the help of literal child slave labor and these people bitch about their human rights being taken away because a private business asks them to wear a mask for the safety of its employees and other customers.

SolRo - 2021-03-15

And not even for a whole day, just wear one while in the store!

The Mothership - 2021-03-15

For the last second.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2021-03-15

Five bucks says that this woman does not speak Spanish.

exy - 2021-03-16

Pretty sure that was an improved version of Spanish featuring all-new words

Nominal - 2021-03-15

You could have a small child read this woman's dialog and it would fit perfectly.

casualcollapse - 2021-03-16

She really does act like a 14 year old entitled brat

Xenocide - 2021-03-16

She's one of those well-off white ladies who's used to going through life by mugging for sympathy and pity, and she can't fucking believe it didn't work this time.

Nominal - 2021-03-16

I had a great aunt who acted just like this. One of the most aggressively passive aggressive people I've known. Would constantly frame everything as a woe or sleight against little old her in order to garner favors and handouts, and get actively nasty towards anyone who didn't go along with it. Like the perfect mix of National Lampoon's Vacation characters Aunt Edna and Cousin Eddy.

One time she came out with my family and I noticed that she showed up with the covers to the bottom of her walker missing. Halfway through lunch, she starts putting on a show that the covers had just gone missing. Rants about how she never would have lost them if we hadn't dragged her out and what was she going to do now?

My dad says we'll go buy her new covers. I speak up that they were missing when we picked her up. Her nastiness went into full offense, how I was an ungrateful kid who was lying just because he was too uncaring to feel sympathy for an old lady and how did my parents raise such a child.

She couldn't just ask for us to help her out. She had to put on a big charade of passive aggressive victimhood backed up by mean spiritedness.

Kind of the GOP base in a nutshell.

Gmork - 2021-03-16

she looks and acts exactly like you'd expect

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