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Desc:Mediocre show, excellent song. Brian sings to a woman who hasn't left home in 35 years.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Family Guy, musical numbers
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Calamity Jon
Yeah yeah, "manatees," let's just get it out there already.
I like this, because they couldn't make the joke an easy one off. They had to make it last, and put some time into it, and it shows.
Where is the One-Star Family Guy Brigade?
Stopped clock, twice a day, etc.

Grace Mugabe
Whatever else is wrong with Family Guy, this, at least, was funny.
I guess it's just us knuckle-dragging mouthbreather types voting this time out...
Here I am!
Family Guy had its moments. This is one of them.

This is a good example of quality Family Guy. Too bad moments like this are few and far between. Incidentally, pretty much all the moments center around Brian for some reason.
My theory: he's the only character with any class (intentionally, mind you) so bits that revolve around him tend to be a bit more intelligent and less focused on farts and 80's sitcoms, since it would be out of character for him to care about farts or 80's sitcoms.

Question: Does the POE Family Guy hate brigade also despise The Critic?

Cause... you know... it's another Simpsons rip-off show...
I ought to kick your teeth in for that.

The Critic is quality programing, and I'll kill anyone who disputes that, funding pending.

I like the Critic, which I used to watch when it still existed. I haven't seen a single full episode of Family Guy (It's not broadcast in my country), but a few of the skits I've seen here have been mildly amusing, if nothing else, so I don't quite understand the hatred.

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