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Desc:Theeese haaaands....with these hands...
Category:Sports, Classic TV Clips
Tags:promo, Benoit, Rabid Wolverine, Meathooks
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Comment count is 8
EvilHomer - 2007-06-26
Timely and topical.
TypicalEllisProtagonist - 2007-06-26
Kinda sucks when you find out a guy's a family-murdering lunatic out've nowhere.
Adramelech - 2007-06-26
If I had to make a list of wrestlers that were closet psychopaths, Benoit would've been at the bottom. Who would have thought?
Frank Rizzo - 2007-06-26
with these hands he smothered his son.
Rot in hell asshole, im a rabid old ECW fan, but what he did squashed all that he accomplished.
mr666 - 2007-06-26
God, and I've been a fan of his before his ECW days. He was always the highpoint of whatever show he was on, and now his legacy is shot to hell.

Adramelech - 2007-06-26
From my view, you have to separate Benoit the wrestling personality and Benoit the person. Just because the guy went batshit doesn't mean you can't look back on his career.

Frank Rizzo - 2007-06-26
can you watch naked gun, and not think for a second about OJ being a murderer everytime he shows up? If you cant then thats really weird.

Hooker - 2007-06-26
The Super J Cup '94 is probably the finest wrestling card to date.

Also, fuck that guy.
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