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Desc:Cat protecting his owner's cleavage.
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:cat, rack, protecting, no touchy
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Comment count is 13
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-07-05
That is a big kitty cat.
Xiphias - 2007-07-05
Or a very small girl :(

jihadbaby - 2007-07-05
That's some good pussy.
garcet71283 - 2007-07-05
Would be 4...but +1 star for boobies!
Repomancer - 2007-07-05
If I was that cat, that's what *I'd* do. Rrrrawwwrrrr!

minimalist - 2007-07-05
Cutest cockblock ever.
futurebot - 2007-07-05
I'm sorry, but the confluence of animal cuteness and boobies just creeps me out. If you wanted to brainwash a guy into becoming a furry, you'd just show him this clip for hours on end.
Namor - 2007-07-05
It's just the ages old cat game of "get the human's finger" staged on a woman's chest. I don't see the furry connection. My kitty favored playing this game sitting on a dining room chair with claws of death coming out the back.

TinManic - 2007-07-05
agreed with futurebot. every one who gave this 5 stars must be purged.
A Jumping Spider! - 2007-07-11
I guess robots see furry influence everywhere.
Jeriko-1 - 2007-10-24
Spastic Avenger - 2009-08-05
Reminds me of those moralistic Victorian paintings with a guy phallically stabbing a dragon to death as a metaphor for taking the maiden's virginity, excpet this is the feminist verson where if you poke the pussy the pussy bites back.
Uulanbaatorbaby - 2011-07-05
"Nooo, this milksource is mine, human!"
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