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Desc:Cop screaming at, choking, etc. kids caught skateboarding.
Category:Sports, News & Politics
Tags:Police, skaters, up the punx
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Comment count is 17
Just...don't read the comments on YT. They're depressingly retarded.

Frank Rizzo
wow, sorry but normally im on the cops side but from the looks of this Im not. This cop must have been having a a bad day or something. way beyond the call of duty.
Caminante Nocturno
Why did they have so much trouble evading such a fat and witless individual?
This is disgusting. I wonder how many cops go to work each day hoping for a chance to physically abuse kids and make a mockery of justice and the law.
Midnight Man
Wonder how many naval men go to work every day hoping to bombard foreign nationals from a safe distance, babykiller

Rodents of Unusual Size
I hope he gets thrown off the force for that bit where he put the girl (who was doing nothing to provoke him) in a goddamn headlock. That cannot be legal.
Pig in a mansuit. Hope he dies slowly and painfully of ball cancer. Headlocking a teenage girl unprovoked? I hope he's proud of himself.
do you people all live in small towns? this is pretty standard shit for cops, this video is relatively boring.
Mike Tyson?!
Yeah, this looks like a regular day in Orlando.

Well, that and there'd be a stabbing 20 feet away that the cops wouldn't notice.

Hmm, it seems the choking cop is on administrative leave pending an investigation.
Oh man, I think I stayed in that hotel. I can totally see Hot Springs (where this took place) cops being bored and low-paid enough to do something like this.

Ironically (or coincidentally), the Miss Arkansas pageant was held this week, and the winner's platform was the prevention of school violence. hurr.
Huh. Well, looks like skateboarding IS a crime, after all.
Ahh, little kids. So easy to choke and shove around. Lucky they weren't alone in a barn with the cop.
Why would a cop be alone in a barn with a bunch of irritating skate rats?

Fuck that pig.
YouTube comments are a trainwreck, I love it. People defending the cop by copying and pasting police terminology is classic. Hey guys, even if it says in a book that a 300-pound dude is allowed to choke a teenage girl for being annoying, that doesn't make it OK.
Bad police are not the exception, but the rule.
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