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Desc:19 year old blonde twins have their psychic abilities tested on Big Brother UK Season 8
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:twins, psychic, Big Brother UK, Pyschopathic, Telepathic Helmet
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Comment count is 10
Did they really just do that?
Am I psychopathic? Are you thinking of the number 4?
Are the producers running an Orwellian gag on the viewers?
When neither one has a thought of their own anyway it's so easy for them to think the same thing.
This would be unwatchable without the thick british accents.
Mayberry Pancakes
What? What...what?
Oh yeah I totally believe everything that goes on in reality shows.
How was that entertaining?
Assuming the girls aren't in on it, I think it went down like this:

The twin who is supposed to be receiving the telepathic messages is actually told to draw first. She doesn't know what to do, so she draws santa. They then tell the twin who is supposed to be sending the messages to draw a bearded man. They edit the order of the footage to make it look like telepathy.

It's interesting how they tell them to draw "a house" and "a man"- reproduced drawings are an old staple of stage magic, and houses and people are, apparently, the two images which people are most likely to produce when asked to draw a random scene. I'd say the evaluators were trying to bias the results, but naaaah, they wouldn't do that!

Plus one point for not even hiddng the fact they were feeding that girl the answers ("So, draw Santa?" "Yeah, he's a guy with a beard. Now shut up and draw, or we won't have any footage left after the editing.") and two bonus points for blonde British twins.

A future in porn.
It's quite common to tie playing rock-paper-scissors, there's a good 33% chance to do so. Still, four stars for wearing those ridiculous sixties-sci-fi-helmets.
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