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Desc:The audience wins!
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:vietnam, full metal jacket, kubrick
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 11
"All niggers must hang!" Minus one star for not being long enough and making me wish I still had the DVD.
Jimmy Labatt
You're thinking of "Hey jungle bunny - thank god for the sickle cell", but I forgive you

No, niggers must hang- from when him and Eightball were fighting over who got first turn on a hooker (not the legendary "me so horny" one, the one later in the film). Although according to IMDB, the actual quote was "All fucking niggers must fucking hang", so turns out I'm a fucking idiot after all!

The sickle cell one was classy too.

Jimmy Labatt
Ah my mistake there; I thought you got your scenes mixed up.

Frank Rizzo

cubs win!
cubs win!
Doh---that was supposed to be a response to Menudo. Sorry.

I love the smell of a cheesy scripted scene early in the morning...
Well...I'd say the movie gets more challenging after the Boot Camp sequence is over. I liked the changeup though---it was like 2 movies in one.

Menudo con queso
Call me a schmuck, but as soon as R. Lee Ermey's character died, this movie died for me too. The rest was just a 90-minute death march through the badly-paced swamps of Kubrickia.
Jimmy Labatt
Gonna have to disagree with you there. Some of the very best scenes in the movie were in the second half. The problem was that, pacing wise, the second half was a jumbled mess. Most of the scenes individually were awesome, but they didn't flow together at all.

Tom Collins
Maybe that's what being in combat feels like.

Fuck rating a film for how easy to watch it is -- this is a masterpiece.

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