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Desc:One in a series; http://www.montanameth.org
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:meth, montana, montana meth project
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Comment count is 16
Frank Rizzo - 2007-06-30
one in a series? Im guessing meth is a problem in montana.
fluffy - 2007-06-30
I'm not sure what the hell he did at the end.
Herr Matthias - 2007-06-30
My best guess would be giving her some hard-earned meth.

I went on Youtube and watched the rest of the ads; they're pretty convincingly fucked up. Also, the numerous shitty parodies have convinced me that the geometric mean Youtube user is actually a lower form of human.

bac - 2008-08-03
You've never just been fucked for money and had your boyfriend give you a bump of hard drugs out of a plastic baggy? Wow I thought that was everybody.

wormy_the_hole - 2007-06-30
Meth is a HUGE problem in a lot of western states, including Idaho, where I live. Recently, Idaho has taken a page out of Montana's book and has aired some of these same stories.

Hopefully, it makes a difference.
Mike Tyson?! - 2007-06-30
Well, what else are you supposed to do there?

zatojones - 2008-08-04
Personally I'd take growing potatoes over getting turned out by my boyfriend for a drug that will eventually eat my mind away. I'm sure watching potatoes grow isn't terribly exciting, but still...

Smellvin - 2007-06-30
Cue stationarytornado giving some really, really weird anecdote about meth in 3... 2... 1...
Herr Matthias - 2007-06-30
Also, compare and contrast this with the sappy, overly-jingly, and totally ineffective "Meth!" ad by the Ad Council (http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=5350)
swickape - 2007-06-30
Man, this series...that's how you do a drug ad.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2007-07-01
God. I hate depressing public safety commercials. Still, it's a good one as they go...
Penumbric Twat - 2008-05-20
Hey, this "smacks" of Requiem for a Dream... get it, *smack*? (Insert insensitive guffaw)
Rape Van Winkle - 2011-03-15
Smack is heroin.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-08-04
Pretty arousing way to start an anti-drug commercial.

I mean, come on.
zatojones - 2008-08-04
It nice until her whoring and meth sores become obvious

Blue - 2012-08-07
Does anybody actually recommend meth? I've only heard bad things.
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